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Monday, 26 October 2020

Resident’s warning after two cats die from poison ingestion four weeks apart in West Bridgford


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The cats were four years old and lived in the Carnarvon Road area of West Bridgford.

A resident has requested a published warning to cat owners of the risk of poisoning.

There is no suggestion of deliberate acts here, but the owner of two cats lost both of them – a few weeks apart –  they were both four years old  – to some type of poison ingestion.

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The vet that treated the animals suggested that anti-freeze may have been a factor, or indeed a similar type of substance that could have been accidentally leaked or left accessible to animals.

The RSPCA warns against this too saying:

‘Even the smallest amount of antifreeze can cause kidney failure and death when ingested by cats.

‘Accidents from accidental spillages can be avoided by storing bottles safely, cleaning up spillages instantly and disposing of antifreeze products responsibly.

‘Signs of antifreeze poisoning in cats include vomiting, a sleepy or depressed demeanour, a drunk-like and uncoordinated state, as well as seizures and difficulty breathing.

‘Signs can begin to show after 30 minutes post-ingestion, with kidney failure indicators showing after two or three days. We advise that you contact your vet immediately if you suspect poisoning.’

‘Most people are unaware of the danger to pets from antifreeze poisoning.

Ingesting the smallest amount can cause kidney failure and death, especially in cats.’


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