Saturday 27 November 2021
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Roger Steel selected as Conservative candidate for Clifton North by-election

Clifton Conservatives have selected Roger Steel as their candidate for the Clifton North by election on 27 September.

The by election was caused by the resignation of former Labour councillor Pat Ferguson.
At a busy meeting of Clifton Conservative residents last night, Roger was selected from a short list of five excellent community campaigners to be the Conservative candidate at the Clifton North by election to be held on Thursday 27th Septembers.

After his selection, Roger said that he was looking forward to a vigorous campaign to join Councillor Andrew Rule as a councillor for Clifton North.

“For the last three years Andrew Rule has had to serve one of the largest wards in the City virtually single handed due to the lack of help from the Labour councillor and former Labour councillor”.

Roger said if elected he will be concentrating on tackling parking issues across the Ward and expanding measures to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Roger is married with three children and has lived in the ward for most of his life. He was a councillor for Clifton North until 2015 and was highly regarded for his hard work in the ward.

He still keeps very busy with many local community activities, including: representing a local community group on the City Council’s Area 8 Committee; organising and maintaining the Wilford flower display and organising the local riverside fireworks display. He is a trustee of Carters Educational Foundation and has personally donated to Good Companions of Clifton and to the local food bank.