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RSPCA rescue owl trapped in a log burner in Southwell


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The RSPCA were called out to rescue a tawny owl which had fallen down a chimney and became trapped in a log burner.


The householder could hear scratching noises in the chimney and believing there was a bird trapped inside she alerted the RSPCA..

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Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Hayley Day was sent to the address in Bath Lane, Southwell, Nottingham, on Sunday (6 October) and could see the bird’s legs poking down from the top on the log burner.

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Hayley managed to grab hold of the owl and gently pulled him out from the log burner.


He was covered in soot, had a graze to his shoulder bone and was clearly underweight.


Hayley said: “The householder said they didn’t use the log burner in that room which was lucky for the owl. He was absolutely covered in soot and at first I could not tell what species he was.


“The soot had also gone in his eyes causing bad irritation and he was quite underweight so I believe he may have been trapped for sometime. He probably got the graze on his shoulder as he tried to free himself.”


Hayley rushed the owl to the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich. He was in a critical condition and sadly his condition did not improve.


He collapsed later that day and a vet decided the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep to end his suffering.


Hayley added that the following day she was sent to the same address after the resident suspected another bird was trapped in the chimney. On that occasion it appears the bird had escaped.

Hayley added: “I believe the owl may have nested at the top of the chimney. The householder who rents the property said the chimney was capped but sometimes birds can make their way through cracks so it is always worth having checks carried out to avoid these kind of sad situations.”


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