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Ruddington: Community Association letter to councillors as land to be removed from greenbelt


Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 2 designates greenbelt areas of Ruddington that could be removed from greenbelt in order to hit housing targets for the borough. Ruddington Community Association has sent this letter to three local councillors today (Sept 10).

The letter – sent to Cllrs Buckle, Greenwood and Lungley.

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‘I have been asked to write to you on behalf of the Ruddington Community Association regarding the meeting, this Tuesday on the future of the Greenbelt in Rushcliffe. There are a number of views around the future growth of housing on the Greenbelt.

The majority of our members are very concerned at building on any of the Greenbelt which we believe is a significant step forward in diluting the village status of Ruddington.

We do not believe that building in Ruddington is necessary for Rushcliffe to meet the targets set by Government.

The decision to allow additional building on our local greenbelt is solely a decision of the Council.

We have inherited this protected space and should consider the legacy we leave in making any decision.

Where members of Ruddington Community Association are unanimous is that the legacy of Sellors’ playing field should be respected, protected and cherished. This was a gift to the people of Ruddington through a covenant, not just for one generation but many.

We believe it would be wrong for one generation to sell out this gift, at an entry point to the village, for future generations.

We have gone so far as registering Sellors’ playing fields as an asset of community value. A registration accepted by the Council and we are on the Council’s list of community assets. Proposal for Rud1 does clearly include Sellors’ playing field in the withdrawal of Greenbelt status and we would ask that this be amended.

Our strong preference is that Rud1 is rejected; if this is not the case we would ask that Rud1 is amended to exclude Sellors’ Playing Field and keep this in the protected Greenbelt. We would ask you as one of our local councillors to speak out against taking away part of our green belt and undermining our village identity. We would hope your legacy as a councillor is to be seen to stand up for our village and not to have supported the dilution of our village identity and the undermining of a village asset.

Kind regards

Ruddington Community Association”

OTHER NOTES: FROM RBC documents…for Local Plan Part2 

‘In removing sites RUD5 and RUD13 (see table and maps below) from the Green Belt it would be appropriate to also remove from the Green Belt the land immediately to their west in order to avoid an ‘island’ of Green Belt remaining. This includes the existing properties on Flawforth Avenue. It would also involve removing sites RUD6 and RUD14 (see table and maps) from the Green Belt. However, both are considered to be unsuitable for housing allocations because of the contribution they currently make to the character of Ruddington’s Conservation Area.’

‘The Core Strategy sets a target of a minimum of 250 new homes that need to be built on greenfield sites at Ruddington up to 2028. It is considered that Ruddington has scope to sustain around 410 dwellings in total adjacent to the village, based on the capacity of local services and the availability of suitable sites for development.’

‘The housing site options adjacent to Ruddington are shown at Appendix 4 (table and map). In balancing sustainability, Green Belt, settlement capacity, heritage, flood risk and other relevant planning considerations, it is recommended that the following sites are proposed as housing allocations and be removed from the Green Belt:

Site RUD1 – Land to the west of Wilford Road (south) (estimated capacity around 180 homes);

Site RUD5 – Land south of Flawforth Lane (estimated capacity around 50 homes); and

Site RUD13 – Land opposite Mere Way (estimated capacity around 170 homes)


In addition to these sites, site RUD11 (Old Loughborough Road) has been promoted as a site for self and custom build housing but with the land being retained within the Green Belt. It is argued by the site promoter that low density housing on this site would form a natural extension to development in this location and could take place in a form which reflects and respects the existing character of the area. This assessment has merit and it is therefore recommended that site RUD11 should be identified for self and custom build housing, but be retained within the Green Belt in order that any development schemes does not unduly impact on the openness of the Green Belt. It would have capacity for around 10 dwellings.



‘It is recommended by the council that the sites above (sites which do not already have planning permission) are allocated for housing development.


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