Sunday 21 April 2024
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Ruddington residents’ anger at Queen’s Green Canopy ‘blunder’ by developers

Ruddington residents are angry after the Royal tree planting strip agreed with a housing developer for The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) was reduced in width from a few feet to just a few inches.

Villagers behind this joint project with Bloor Homes say the developer’s mistake can be rectified easily if it simply repositions its boundary fence to allow the community enough space in the “void”  for The QGC.  

Ruth Edwards MP for Rushcliffe is backing the villagers’ appeal: “The Queen’s Green Canopy was a fantastic idea from residents in Ruddington and a wonderful way to celebrate our late Queen.

“I am  very disappointed that Bloor Homes have now gone back on their agreement and I shall be writing to  them on behalf of residents asking them to honour it.” 

A Brookside Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) member said:

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“This lovely scheme to plant trees for The QGC came about because of the noticeable ugly ‘gap’ left between the temporary fencing around the building site and our rear boundaries.

“When we asked Bloor Homes last summer what would be happening there, they told us it would just be a “void” – leaving an accessible space around the edge.

“We’ve always cleared things with them at every stage!

“Therefore I’m flabbergasted, with only days to go before we need to plant our first trees, a simple ‘internal miscommunication’ at Bloor Homes has allowed the permanent fence to be erected in the wrong place.

“Not giving us adequate space now will potentially ruin our joint scheme with them and wastes the countless hours BRAG for QGC has spent planning and preparing for it! 

A BRAG spokesperson added:

“Bloor now suggesting alternative areas on their site for our tree planting really defeats the object of having it at this end as planned.

“There is no open space where existing residents are – reasonably there should be, and still could be.

“Bloor’s wildlife initiatives  are accommodated around the rest of the site so it’s not fair they have been totally omitted at our  end.” 

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