Rushcliffe Civic Centre: Detailed plans for offices, restaurants and luxury apartments submitted

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An evening view © Leonard Design Architects

The former home of Rushcliffe Borough Council on Trent Bridge is set to be transformed with the addition of 56 new apartments, restaurants and office space. 

The plans validated today on the planning website are for ‘Extensions and modifications to form mixed use development including offices, restaurants, an additional 56 residential units (resulting in 121 units in total) and associated ancillary accommodation.’

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Rushcliffe Borough Council took the decision in July 2015 to market the Civic Centre on Pavilion Road for disposal on a freehold basis.

Monk Estates have lodged the plans with the Council.


Interior of one of the new apartments planned in the scheme
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See plans here

The proposals include the demolition of various parts of the building and its ancillary features. The plans say that the aim is to ‘…refurbish and enhance Bridgford House [Civic Centre building name] through modifications and extensions.’

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The proposal is for a mixed use development comprising 121 apartments, office space and restaurants along with associated ancillary accommodation.

On June 15th, 2017 a pre-application meeting was held, subsequent advice was for the applicant to proceed to a full application. A change of use application has already been passed by Rushcliffe Borough Council.


© Leonard Design Architects
© Leonard Design Architects
© Leonard Design Architects
Proposed elevation © Leonard Design Architects
Proposed elevation
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Accommodation will comprise 33 one-bed, 72 two-bed and 16 three-bed flats or apartments. Over 900 sq metres of restaurant/café area is proposed along with 185 square metres of gymnasium area.