Sunday 19 May 2024
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Rushcliffe couple seriously injured in Bali road collision seek to raise funds for surgery

Alex and Joella were involved in a road accident out in Bali and are both in a critical condition requiring multiple surgeries to get them back to good health.

In Bali, for any surgeries to be carried out they require upfront funding – so every penny donated is going straight towards the front line to help provide critical care that they both urgently need.

They are both currently in the intensive care unit, with Joella currently undergoing surgery on multiple injuries including the spine, ribcage, lungs and broken bones on both arms.

Alex still remains unconscious and is currently on a ventilator to aide with his breathing and still awaits major surgery to his spine, ribcage and lungs. He also requires maxillofacial surgery on top of all this once he is strong enough.

As you can see by the extent of the above injuries this will be a long, painful and costly road to recovery for them both with the additional discomfort of being so far away from home.

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If you would like to help see link below:

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