Thursday 22 February 2024
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Rushcliffe currently has the highest rate of Covid cases in the county

Figures released today show the extent of the virus in Rushcliffe.

Figures released by a joint data unit at Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City County show Rushcliffe continues to run with the highest Covid-19 figures in Nottinghamshire.

Data up to and including 17 June shows that the borough has seen 180 cases in last seven days and has a rate per 100,000 residents of 151 cases. 276 cases have been recorded over the last fourteen days.

The age of cases though shows that since 1 May 2021 90% of cases are in the under 50s, with 72% of cases in age under 30s.

Rushcliffe Liberal Democrats have called on the Clinical Commissioning Group and Local Authority partners to start surge testing especially those not yet vaccinated.

In other local authority areas the numbers are:

Nottingham rate per 100,000 – 112 cases in seven days 373

Newark 44.9 rate 55 cases

Mansfield 32 rate 35 cases

Gedling 79.7 rate 94 cases

Broxtowe 82.4 rate 94 cases

Bassetlaw 39.2 rate 46 cases

Ashfield 60.2 rate 77 cases


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