Tuesday 20 February 2024
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Rushcliffe food business warned after spate of cooking oil thefts

Police say restaurants, takeaways and pubs are being targeted.

A spokesperson for Rushcliffe police said:

‘Officers would like to make members of our local community aware of a recent increase in theft of oil.

‘From information received, those being targeted for such thefts appear to be local public houses, takeaway premises and restaurants.’

Some thefts take place because the oil is left outside for genuine waste oil contractors to collect.

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‘Officers are asking those who store, use and possess such items to be vigilant and store these items securely to prevent any other locations being targeted.’

There has been a spate of cooking oil thefts across the UK as its value goes up. From the East Midlands to East Anglia and everywhere in between, it seems that thieves are taking every opportunity to drain takeaways and restaurants of the cooking oil they have either used or are keeping in storage for future use.

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