Rushcliffe Labour condemns Edwalton free school plans

Rushcliffe Labour Party has condemned the proposal to set up a free school in Edwalton.

A new Primary school is needed to serve the housing development near the Wheatcroft Island and the County Council has invited sponsors to submit proposals for running it.

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It is Labour Party policy that new schools should be within the public sector and that private companies should not be involved in their funding or organisation. The party says that it is committed to ending the ‘expensive and failing’ Free Schools initiative and bringing them under public control.

Cheryl Pidgeon (Rushcliffe Labour Parliamentary Candidate) said:

“Free schools are an attempt by the Conservative Government to privatise education. Cllr. Philip Owen has insulted school staff working for his own Council by suggesting that only a Free School could give pupils “a wide range of high quality learning experiences which engage and stimulate (their) imagination”.

“If he spent a bit more time talking to the skilled and dedicated teachers and support staff who work in the public sector schools in Notts, he would think twice about making such a statement.

“Labour believes in fully public and accountable local schools, not ones parachuted in by a government that knows nothing about education for ordinary people and cares less.”