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West Bridgford
Monday, September 16, 2019

Rushcliffe Labour Group ‘shocked’ at Lutterell Hall and Police Station moves


The Rushcliffe Labour Group say they were ‘shocked’ to read about the potential loss of the Police Station and Lutterell Hall in West Bridgford the Borough Council Cabinet agenda.

A spokesperson said:

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‘The Police Station provides essential services for many residents and Lutterell Hall is at the heart of the community in West Bridgford.

‘St Giles Preschool has operated from the site for fifty years and has not been consulted on this recommendation, which  to have a very short timeline – should it be approved on Tuesday.

‘A group that provides much-needed childcare in West Bridgford should not be treated so poorly. Lutterell Hall is also a home for singing, dancing, and fitness groups in central West Bridgford.

Councillors Jenny Murray and Bal Bansai, along with the rest of the Labour Group on Rushcliffe Borough Council will be working with as many of the users of Lutterell Hall as possible and help represent their views to the Cabinet.

The leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Benjamin Gray, will be able to ask questions on the proposal on Tuesday. However, the body voting on the proposal will all be from the Conservative Group. Cllr Gray stated “We believe that Lutterell Hall is an asset of great community value and should continue to be supported by the council. We hope to demonstrate that and empower the community who use and value this fantastic venue.”


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