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Rushcliffe Leader slams Labour Opposition for ‘trying to block 2019/20 budget’


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Rushcliffe Borough Council leader, Conservative Cllr Simon Robinson, has called the Labour Opposition on the Council “a disgrace “ for trying to block the Council’s budget at the recent Full Council meeting.

Cllr Robinson said “Members and Officers have worked hard for months to make sure Rushcliffe has a prudent, affordable and deliverable budget which delivers ambitious projects such as a new £20m Leisure Centre in Bingham and regeneration in Cotgrave Town Centre.

“But the Labour Group voted against it, clearly trying to prevent the Authority delivering such key Community projects

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“Even worse, they have offered no alternative budget or plans

The Authority has a legal responsibility to set a Budget, approved by the Officers of the Council. The budget was supported by all other opposition parties at Rushcliffe and was carried on a recorded vote.

A spokesperson for Rushcliffe Labour and the RBC Labour Group said:

“It is a real pity that the Conservative Leader of the Council has chosen to try and make political points rather than respond to the genuine concerns of Rushcliffe Labour about his budget proposals. We are always happy to explain our priorities, which are designed to support local people, especially those who need it the most.

“We are particularly concerned that there are no plans to build either social housing to rent or genuinely affordable homes to buy. Housing is a massive issue in Rushcliffe, with young families routinely having to move out of the area rather than staying close to relatives. Buying and renting is just too expensive for most people.

“The Abbey Road Depot site in West Bridgford should be earmarked for homes for those in the greatest need and developers should be obliged to provide at least 50% genuinely affordable housing in every new development. These commonsense policies are nowhere to be seen in the Conservative plans.

“In an era when public sector finances are being squeezed by the Conservative government, it’s essential for Councils to prioritise. The case can be made for new crematorium, but isn’t it more important to cater for the living than the dead?

“Labour will continue to press for policies that benefit the many, not the few.”

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