Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Rushcliffe MP campaigns to deliver better broadband connectivity to Sutton Bonington

Ruth Edwards has been campaigning with local councillor Matt Barney to extend broadband coverage across the whole of Sutton Bonington.

This has included meeting with both BT Openreach and the Government’s Building Digital UK in recent weeks to discuss how this issue could be addressed. 


The village in the west of Rushcliffe, has intermittent broadband connection. Many of the homes to the north of the village have excellent download speeds. This is also the case for the newer houses to the south of the village, but a cluster of roads off Park Lane have missed out on these upgraded connections. 

Sutton Bonington Broadband Openreach meeting

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After hearing from residents and Matt Barney, Ruth carried out a broadband survey with local volunteers to homes on the affected streets. The results of the survey showed that the average download speed in Sutton Bonington was reported as 17mbps, with an average upload speed of 3mbps. This stands as a stark contrast to the UK average of 47mbps for downloads and 10mbps for uploads.

Ruth devlivering her survey in Sutton Bonington

Ruth has met with both BT Openreach and separately with Dean Creamer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Building Digital UK (BDUK), to discuss ways to improve the broadband speeds in this part of the village. 


Building Digital UK is overseeing the Government’s Project Gigabit, which has seen the first part of a £5 billion package of support for the roll out of gigabit broadband to rural homes and businesses. Currently, over 78 per cent of UK premises now have a gigabit-capable connection – a huge leap forwards from just 6 per cent in January 2019 – with an aim to have nationwide coverage by 2030. 


Ruth said “I know how important it is for residents and businesses in Rushcliffe to have good, fast, and reliable broadband coverage to keep them connected. 


“Rushcliffe as a whole has good broadband connectivity, with above national average coverage in gigabit and superfast coverage. However, there are still small pockets of villages, such as areas of Sutton Bonington, that are missing out on this and I am determined to keep campaigning to get the whole of Rushcliffe connected.”


Matt Barney said “ I am really grateful to Ruth for her continued support to try and get this sorted. I appreciate that this is so frustrating, especially for those who work from home who depend on the internet for their livelihood. We will keep trying to get action so that all residents in Sutton Bonington have access to a decent level of internet service. Thank you Ruth!”

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