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Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards pushes for new £12m East Leake health centre

The total capital cost of the project is £12.4 million and Ruth has asked for central government funding totalling £7.3 million.

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Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards has submitted proposals to ministers over funding a new £12 million health care centre and community hub at East Leake.

The plan is to replace the current not-fit-for-purpose healthcare facility with modern high-quality accommodation and relocate the library, social services, dental practice, pharmacy and parish council offices, plus charities into the building.

The move by the new MP is the first part of an election pledge to push for a new building on the site. It is now with the Treasury ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget.

The present 60-year-old prefabricated Gotham Road structure suffers from a leaking roof and is the oldest health centre in Nottinghamshire. Despite this, it serves some 11,000 patients.

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However, development near nearby means the centre will need to accommodate approximately 3,000 extra patients plus extra doctors and nurses.

“This centre needs to be replaced with one fit for the 21st century and one that is a community hub offering a range of services in a modern building,” said Ruth.

“The proposal is to follow the highly successful model in Cotgrave and co-locate primary and community care services as well as other public sector organisations to form a community hub.

“It would allow the delivery of enhanced primary care health services and community facilities in the most cost-effective way.

“It would also serve as a model for modern delivery of multiple services in the community and should relieve pressure on the A&E Department at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.”

The total capital cost of the project is £12.4 million and Ruth has asked for central government funding totalling £7.3 million.

The remaining money would come from housing developers, a peppercorn rent with Rushcliffe Borough Council, which owns the land, and additional investment from organisations who would co-locate into the building.

“I have visited the centre and the staff are doing an incredible job in very trying circumstances inside a dilapidated building unfit for purpose,” explained Ruth.

“The time is now here to work together and persuade The Chancellor we need a new centre in East Leake. The budget proposal I have submitted is the start of that journey.”