Monday 4 December 2023
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West Bridgford and Rushcliffe’s number of high-income households highest outside South East

Research from Savills published in The Sunday Times shows Rushcliffe as the highest area outside London and Cambridge.

The research was carried out by Savills using data from the Census 2021 and sold house prices to see links between high-earning employment and property prices.

Four London locations — the City of London, with 65 per cent of residents classed as high-earning, paying an average of £828,113 for a home; Richmond upon Thames (55 per cent, £976,160); Kensington and Chelsea (54 per cent, £2,409,454); and Westminster (53 per cent, £1,746,404) — top the locations with the largest concentration of wealthy residents.

‘When it comes to a concentrated number of high-income households outside London and the South East (including Cambridge), Rushcliffe — centred on the Nottinghamshire town of West Bridgford — is highest, with 47 per cent, but its average house price remains a relatively modest £346,302.’

Steve Gray director of FHPLiving told the Sunday Times:

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“Until recently Rushcliffe wasn’t really on the radar, but the schools are good and it’s within easy striking distance to Nottingham city centre, and the average house price hides some expensive properties — people are prepared to pay £625,000 for a Victorian semi with no parking.”

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