Rushcliffe Police Inspector’s monthly update – November 2017

Inspector Craig Berry of Nottinghamshire Police ( Rushcliffe ) updates the community. 


Neighbour disputes

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Neighbour disputes can be quite a thorny issue and are often difficult to resolve unless you have full cooperation of both parties. It is not possible to provide a standard set of guidelines for dealing with every neighbour problem. This is because the problems are so varied and the solution to any particular dispute will depend on the individual circumstances of the case. The reoccurring theme is that many of these disputes can be solved if both parties are willing to talk.  However it might also be appropriate to involve a third party such as a Landlord if the neighbour is a tenant. Landlords have a social responsibility to both their tenant and also the local neighbourhood and their early involvement will usually help matters.

Mediation is another option which often has a positive outcome, as involving an impartial trained Mediator who has experience of this type of dispute can help both sides get to the route of the problem (Citizens Advice are a good starting point here). There can be a fee for mediation but this will usually still be cheaper than hiring a solicitor and taking legal action.

If the complaint is noise related, Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Community Safety Team can support you and if required take enforcement action against the perpetrator. offers more advice on this subject. There is also a raft of anti-social behaviour powers available to protect the public and these usually apply to a domestic setting and can be utilised by the police, council or housing association to ensure that unruly behaviour that is either anti-social or escalating towards criminal is not allowed to continue. Finally if all else fails you can take legal action through the courts, however this can be expensive.

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Missing from home

During October Rushcliffe Police dealt with seven reports of missing persons. These investigations and searches can be extremely resource intensive and where the same person goes missing repeatedly there is a requirement for more detailed problem-solving approach involving other appropriate agencies to understand the underlying issues. Missing persons in particular – young people are vulnerable to exploitation and can becoming victims of crime so quite rightly the police treat this matter as a priority, which can often result in a delay in dealing with other reports.

Community and police meeting Bingham

On Thursday 19th October the community Priority Setting Meeting for Radcliffe on Trent, East Bridgford, Bingham and the surrounding smaller villages met at the Old Court House in Bingham. There were representatives from seven Town and Parish Councils along with three local Neighbourhood Watch schemes. The group took part in a discussion around crime and anti-social behaviour asking questions of the local Beat manager PC Steve Mathias.  The conversations were varied and many and PC Mathias described recent crime patterns and how residents might be able to better protect their property going into the darker winter evenings. PC Mathias was also asked to explain how the Force Mental Health Triage car works to help people suffering from mental health problems at the point of crisis.

There were also discussions regarding the law as it relates to Travellers and Gypsies occupying land illegally. It is acknowledged that this can be an emotive and sensitive issue for different people and so the police have to tread a delicate path.  An Unauthorised encampment is not in itself a criminal offence. Trespass is a civil matter giving landowners and local authorities the right to repossess their property using the due process of law. Prevention of trespass and the removal of trespassers are the responsibility of the landowner and not the police. The duty of the police is to preserve the peace and prevent crime whilst reassuring communities.

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Drugs arrests

In the last few days there have been two significant arrests for possession with intent to supply drugs offences relating two Keyworth men. This is still under investigation but sends a positive message out to anyone in Rushcliffe Borough that we will pursue and prosecute drug dealers as this criminality ruins lives. There will be further drug enforcement by our Beat managers across Rushcliffe Borough over the next few months which I will update you on in due course.

Prolific offender

On Friday 27th October one of our officers spotted a well-known shop lifter in West Bridgford. He was then stopped and checked by PC Paul Henson who discovered he was wanted for six separate theft offences and so he was arrested and taken to the Bridewell Custody Suite where he was later charged and remanded into custody.

Working with young people and local schools

On 16th and 17th October PC Rob Archer and PCSO Jodie Turner took part in a First responder and responsibility day at West Bridgford School. This was an excellent event organised by West Bridgford School for their students to learn about the role of the emergency services and to gain some important knowledge around the administering of First aid CPR in an emergency.


  1. So no mention at all from Inspector Berry about the spate of car break ins and burglaries in West Bridgford the last weeks and what the Police are doing to address them. If it wasn’t clear previously that they have little interest then it certainly is now.

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