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Rushcliffe Police Inspector’s monthly update: Rural crime across the borough


Inspector Berry’s second Rushcliffe Borough monthly focuses on the Rushcliffe villages and rural communities.  

Radcliffe on Trent firearms arrests

On Saturday 8th July a warrant was executed on an address on Shelford Road, Radcliffe on Trent, where two firearms were recovered. As a result 26 year old  Nathan Rochester, was  sentenced, on Monday 4th September, to a total of nine years imprisonment.

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Not only did Rochester know he was committing a serious crime by keeping the weapons, he wasted hours of police time on the day of the search and made crude attempts to hide the evidence. During the search there was also ammunition which was found close to the weapons and the handgun was already loaded and capable of firing. By removing these deadly weapons we are making our communities safer and reducing the real risk of further crime, that could lead to a serious injury or loss of life.

Aslockton event

You may have heard that in mid-July there was large five day religious festival. It was attended by more than a thousand people on privately owned land near to Aslockton village. None of the relevant authorities including Nottinghamshire Police and Rushcliffe Borough Council were given any advance notice of this event. Together we aim to ensure that organisers understand their responsibilities in these circumstances. There were a relatively small number of reports of anti-social behaviour associated with young people from the site, our team responded to these and offered reassurance to some concerned local residents in Aslockton village.

ATM burglary and theft in Cotgrave

Overnight, on 7th August, a JCB tele handler was stolen from the East Bridgford area. The JCB tele handler then travelled to Saxondale roundabout at Bingham before going through Cropwell Butler and Cropwell Bishop, before finally entering Cotgrave along Hollygate Lane. The tele handler arrived at the Sainsbury’s store around 4.00am where it was used to remove the ATM from the wall of the shop.

This vehicle was used in conjunction with a dark blue pick-up truck and a high-performance white Audi.  These particular vehicles have since been recovered over the Leicestershire county border, as has the stolen ATM machine. This is obviously a serious and organised crime that remains under investigation and it is believed to be linked to a series of similar rural offences in Leicestershire.

Radcliffe-on-Trent anti-social behaviour

Our team have been working to resolve an anti-social behaviour (ASB) problem involving a group of teenagers in Radcliffe on Trent village. The group were quickly identified and subsequently home visits with parents were completed which has had a positive effect. There have been a small number of repeat offenders who were then placed on Acceptable Behaviour Contacts, which forms part of the case building process for potential future prosecutions, should that be required.

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Unfortunately one 15 year old boy ignored the direction and advice we gave him, consequently he is now the subject of Nottinghamshire’s first anti-social behaviour based civil injunction, which prohibits him going to certain places and/or continuing to behave badly in public. Working with partner agencies he is receiving the relevant support and is being given every opportunity to change his ways.

During our recent patrols, we have confiscated cannabis on two occasions from young people on the Skate Park and Recreation ground. We are closely monitoring Radcliffe-on-Trent but initial impressions are ASB is reducing, which is positive. I would like to thank local residents for their patience and support.

Cotgrave drug dealer back in prison

A local Cotgrave man who was recently released from prison has just been recalled back to prison to finish his original sentence, having been charged in August with drugs related offences. The man now awaits trial for the most recent incident where police stopped a vehicle which, when searched, was found to contain a quantity of Class A controlled drugs and other related items.

Rushcliffe Neighbourhood Officers will always take positive action around drugs information. In the last month alone we have searched an address in Ruddington village where we found a small cultivation and an arrest was made. We have also executed a drugs warrant on Cherwell Gardens in Bingham, that remains under investigation with Beat Manager PC Caroline Voce.

In Keyworth we searched two caravans in the grounds of a property where we discovered a large number of plants were being produced. The offender is not only being prosecuted for the drugs offences, but working with our colleagues at HMRC and Western Power, he is also being prosecuted for using red diesel and abstracting electricity offences.

Whilst talking about Keyworth village, there have been various reports of drugs, damage and ASB from groups of young people visiting Rectory Fields Activity Park.  We have carried out additional patrols both in uniform and some in plain clothes. We are receiving good community intelligence and we will take further action in the coming weeks.

On the road

Sadly, there have been a number of serious and fatal traffic collisions on Rushcliffe roads over the summer months. This reminds us of the importance of road safety and the very real danger our roads can present. Our Neighbourhoods team have been the first on the scene at a number of these tragic incidents and so have observed the utter devastation this causes families. Driver behaviour remains the main contributory factor in road traffic collisions, in particular; speeding, drink driving, failing to wear seat belts and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

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In the coming months our team will be actively looking for drivers committing these traffic offences and it is worth knowing that these offences now carry increased penalties, such as, a minimum 12 month disqualification or £200 fine plus six points on your licence for using a mobile phone, which will also result in higher insurance costs.

Recent crime patterns

Over late August there has been an increase in car crime, including work vans being attacked for tools. In most cases the property stolen was in full view and in an unlocked vehicle, so please remember to take valuables out of your vehicle at night and make sure it is properly secured.

These crimes have taken place in East Leake, Ruddington and Bingham, so the criminals will have used a vehicle to travel in themselves. Please make a record of suspicious vehicles including make, model and registration and report this to us immediately.

New ANPR police car is on patrol

Rushcliffe Borough now has its own Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enabled police car funded through the Community Safety Partnership. This week, Beat Manager PC Howard Shinn, has been out patrolling utilising the ANPR technology, to check the registration plate of every passing vehicle for criminal links or markers which is incredibly valuable in our fight against crime.  PC Shinn has patrolled on; Asher Lane and Lees Road, Ruddington; Market Place and Nottingham Road, Bingham; Gotham Road and Costock Road, East Leake; Woodview and Ring Leas in Cotgrave. As a result there have been numerous cars stopped and prosecutions carried out.  Over this coming week our team will be using the ANPR car for patrols whilst on nightshifts, to try and identify travelling criminals in the Rushcliffe Borough.

Listening to you

Over the summer, wherever possible, we have tried to support local planned community events, as it gives us opportunity to meet people and find out what crime and ASB issues are affecting you. Amongst other events in August our team have been to Rudd Fest in Ruddington, which was a real success and enjoyed by many people. We also attended a unique event called the African Farm Festival hosted near Screveton. The event encourages people in the city to visit the county.

Our team will also be supporting the Safety Zone South event taking place at the National Water Sports Centre in late September. This joint Emergency Services event invites young people from City and County schools to take part activities, which also teach young people practical and life skills.

Community Safety Groups

The new Rushcliffe South Villages Community Safety Group is gathering momentum and attracting interest from new area representatives. Chaired by a local Borough Councillor, this quarterly joint Rushcliffe Borough Council, police and community meeting, brings together Councillors, Neighbourhood Watch and other representatives from all the villages on the south of the Borough including Keyworth, East Leake and now Ruddington.

Our Rushcliffe Borough Community Safety Officer has introduced a seasonal action plan which encourages us all to come together to problem solve and prevent crime. An example being door step visits by Neighbourhood Watch groups to advise residents about bike theft from sheds, which always increases during the summer months.

I should also add that there are similar groups that meet across the Borough and these meetings are a success because of the dedication of the volunteers that give their time to make them work.  Your community spirit never fails to impress.

Keep in touch

To join or find out more information about the West Bridgford or another of our community safety groups or Neighbourhood Watch contact: communitysafety@rushcliffe.gov.uk

Inspector Craig Berry 

Neighbourhood policing inspector responsible for local policing in Rushcliffe Borough.



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