Rushcliffe School Science Week and World Record attempt

Students at Rushcliffe School took part in an amazing week of science activities – including a world record attempt!

Head of Science, Chris Malloney said,

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‘British science week was from 9th-18th March. We are an Academy Specialising in Science and to celebrate this, we carried out the following activities:
· All of year 9 went head in our big sports hall to see who could build the tallest towers from only a 50g of spaghetti and a small bag of mini marshmallows – the winning team managed over a meter!

· Year 7 students competed in a paper aeroplane design and build competition where there were prizes for the planes that flew the greatest distance and had the longest flight times – some of the students spend considerable time researching and testing different designs and the winning planes were real feats of engineering.
· Y12 Science ambassadors wrote a science based quiz and went in to tutor groups to deliver them during morning registration – the winning forms from each year got to share a big tub of chocolates!

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· Year 9 went on a trip to the Big Bang science fair where they got to see a combination of exciting theatre shows, interactive workshops and exhibits and careers information from STEM professionals.
· Some of our Year 8 students took part in a workshop that was run by Shell called the “Bright Ideas Challenge”. They won the workshop where providers came in to school by working on and submitting projects in our weekly STEM club.
· We managed to get 521 students to carry out an Elephants Toothpaste chemical reaction in an attempt to break a world record that was set at 250 people.

The reaction involved mixing hydrogen peroxide, washing-up liquid and yeast to make a foaming, erupting fountain of bubbles.

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It took many weeks of planning and preparation and it went off seamlessly. We have sent the evidence to Guinness (Book of Records) who are currently in the process of reviewing the huge amount of evidence that we had to submit.

We are waiting with fingers crossed in the hope that we can say that Rushcliffe School students are world record holders!!!

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