Rushcliffe sixth-formers to use Waitrose donation to throw a party in West Bridgford care home

Two YOPEY Befrienders from Rushcliffe School went to Nottingham town centre to collect a donation from Waitrose to the scheme where they and more than 20 of their sixth-form colleagues are volunteering in a West Bridgford care home.

Serena Norman-Thomas, left, and Jack Scott, right, were presented with the cheque for £145 by Waitrose community champion Bernie Howitt, centre, who works in the Waitrose store in Trinity Square and organises the monthly green token scheme.

Shoppers are given green tokens as they pass through the checkouts and are invited to choose between three local good causes. As a small Waitrose the Trinity Square branch has £500 to give away each month.

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The YOPEY Befriender appeal said:

“We came a close third to two other worthy good causes,” said YOPEY founder Tony Gearing. “As the two other causes were to do with seriously disadvantaged children, I’m very happy with the result.”

Serena and Jack promptly deposited the cheque in YOPEY’s bank account and it will be earmarked by the charity for the young people to put on an event at Leawood Manor care home in Hilton Crescent when they come to say goodbye to their elderly friends at the end of this year.

Serena said: “I’m pleased busy shoppers can take the time to read about the volunteering we are doing and that a significant minority of them voted for us to receive this money.”

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Jack said: “We can now start planning what sort of event to put on for the residents at Christmas.”

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