Thursday 22 February 2024
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Rushcliffe Spencer Academy awarded International School Award

The International School Award celebrates the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education, and so it is with great pride that Rushcliffe Spencer Academy has received such high re-accreditation this year. 

Scott McDonald, Chief Executive of the British Council, said: ‘The school has earned this prestigious award through its inspirational international work’.

Staff and students believe in the school’s core value ‘We care for our world’ and this has been recognised in the feedback given which highlighted how the Academy is “fully committed to embedding an international and global dimension to the curriculum and whole-school ethos, promoting global citizenship and an appreciation of cultural diversity”.

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Rushcliffe understands that in an interdependent world by building values, skills and human connections on a global scale, we can ensure the success of all. This has perhaps been more pertinent than ever given the restrictions we have faced in a global pandemic. 

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“We want Rushcliffe pupils to understand and contribute to our global community. I’m delighted that we have been reaccredited as an International School. It’s a reflection on the great work being done across the school and the many connections pupils have made with people and organisations across the world,” said Damian Painton, Principal. 

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The British Council highlighted how the ‘numerous partnerships with schools in other countries are providing rich learning opportunities for both students and teachers’ emphasising the many ways in which the school has sought opportunities to ensure enriching, global experiences.

Just some of things the school has been doing include Zoom conferences between staff and students discussing environmental, mental health and controversial political issues with their peers in India, Tunisia and Texas; being founding members of the Global Schools Alliance student council, which now has over 200 members, who have shared ideas and experiences with students from countries including Cambodia, Turkey and the Philippines; and Mandarin language learning with China and literacy projects with Tanzania. 

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Trudi Purnell, Head of Humanities and Global Learning Co-Ordinator, has led the re-accreditation process and is delighted with the award:

‘There is so much more the school is doing in addition to what’s been mentioned, every Faculty in the school has developed some fantastic lessons, quizzes and assemblies linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals covering everything from disability sports and the plight of refugees to gender equality and quality of education for all.

“Our Esperanza festival and internationally themed Sports Day brought our academic year to a magical close but not our commitment to build on the belief that we create students who by being active participants, can change the world!’.

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