Saturday 2 March 2024
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Ruth Edwards MP praises Nottinghamshire Police’s Covid-19 response

“The police are working incredibly hard and we need to support them while they are protecting us”.

Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards has praised Nottinghamshire Police for their approach to enforcing the current coronavirus lockdown in a friendly and proportionate way. 

Ruth, who is a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, recently took part in an enquiry into the national policing response to Coronavirus.

In their report, the committee praised the police for adapting quickly and effectively to challenges in upholding the new law and welcomed new guidelines to increase the severity of sentences for anyone who assaults or threatens an emergency worker, including through deliberately coughing or spitting at them.


“Officers and staff from Nottinghamshire Police go above and beyond the call of duty every single day to keep the public safe,”  said Ruth.

“I am delighted that my first enquiry as a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee has given me the opportunity to look closely at the police response to Coronavirus and to consider what extra support our police forces need during this very difficult time.”


“The police are working incredibly hard and we need to support them while they are protecting us”.

Ruth also went on foot patrol with officers in West Bridgford this week to see the challenges they face first-hand.

Ruth kept to social distancing measures while attending a morning briefing at West Bridgford Police Station on Wednesday and then accompanied one of the neighbourhood teams out on patrol.

“I am really grateful to Nottinghamshire Police for allowing me to safely gain an understanding of how they are enforcing the lockdown and what difficulties they and the public are experiencing from it”.   Said Ruth.

“I was struck by how empty the streets were, which means the vast majority of people are heeding the lockdown restrictions.  Our local police are taking a very proportionate response by aiming to explain to people how their actions, like congregating in groups, might endanger their health or that of others”.