Thursday 28 October 2021
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Safer travel route between Sherwood and West Bridgford to be explored

Residents say they would like to see a safer travel route for non-motorists explored between Sherwood and West Bridgford.

Nottingham City Council will look at the proposals that are being submitted by Nottingham North-South Active Travelway on Wednesday, October 13.

The group is made up of local residents concerned by the number of unsafe key routes into Nottingham for those who don’t use a car.

They want to see a “flagship safe route across the city for all forms of active transport”.

In a report prepared for the council’s Local Access Forum they state: “Lots of people would like to walk, cycle, or scoot to get around Nottingham, but are too scared to do so.

“Our roads are not safe or comfortable places to be if you are not inside a motor vehicle, and people’s choices reflect that.

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“Our proposal is for an active travel route from the north to the south of Nottingham, as the next step towards a city-wide network of active travel routes and neighbourhoods.

“This Active Travelway will run from Sherwood to West Bridgford via the city centre.

“Physically separated from motor traffic, with protection and priority across junctions, the Active Travelway will be visibly safe enough for anyone to use – including children, older people, and those completely new to active travel.

“Separate provision will be made for walking and wheeled active travel, and protection from motor traffic will be provided by planters, bollards, and barriers. The route will look and feel safe.

“By reducing the emissions from motor traffic, the Active Travelway will contribute to cleaner air in the city. Incorporating extensive planting and public realm improvements, the Active Travelway will create a cleaner and more pleasant public space.

“The Active Travelway will take a direct, convenient, and visible route across the city; making ambitious design decisions to provide meaningful connections between major employers, educational and sporting institutions, shopping centres, and neighbourhoods.

“The Active Travelway will contribute to Nottingham’s ambitious plans to become carbon neutral, and be a first step to creating an active travel network that Nottingham can be proud of, setting an example for other cities; an inclusive network that will allow people to make travel choices that make sense for them, their families, and their communities.”