Science Week at South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form

The Science Department at The South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form in Keyworth have been busy celebrating British Science Week 2017.


An incredible 74% of students at The South Wolds Academy who sat a Science A Level last summer achieved either an A*, A or B grade.

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The Sixth Form has an excellent record of students choosing Bachelor of Science degrees at ‘red brick’ universities and the Science department is keen to continue enthusing the younger students at the school.

Science Teachers ran a whole host of events during Science Week involving students and staff across the academy.

Activities included a KS3 and KS4 Science Quiz which ran during tutor time each morning. Students from Year 7 through to Year 10 experienced a range of ‘not on the curriculum’ exciting Science lessons all linked to the British Science Weeks theme of ‘Change’.

Lessons involved students making bouncing custard balls, slime and liquid rainbows. Year 10 biologists competed in The Royal Society of Biology’s annual “Biology Challenge” after hearing about two of Sixth Form’s students achieving Silver Awards in the Global “Biology Olympiad” this year.

All participants also received a year’s subscription to The Biologist magazine! Thursday 16th March was National Demo Day and all the Science teachers loved showing off the loudest and most exciting demonstrations to all timetabled classes.

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Demos included the Whoosh Bottle, Chip Pan Fires, Exploding Jelly Babies and many more. Perhaps the most exciting was our outdoor demo, students were blown away as they stood back and observed the Methane rocket, a bottle filled with Methane gas and pure oxygen.

The explosive demonstration was carried out on our school field launch pad and pupils watched as the gases were ignited accelerating the rocket several meters followed by a huge bang!

Science teachers dressed up as mad scientists and staff across the school wore white coats for the day. Sixth Form Science students took part in ‘The Great TSWA Science Bake Off’ and the entries were sold at break time to raise money for the department to buy new Ecology equipment.

Cakes included giant cells, a periodic table made of cupcakes, a helium atom, DNA, Edible Agate, eyeballs and bugs!

The Year 8 and 9 STEM club who are the largest school team in the East Midlands to enter the 10 week Go4Set Project (which links schools with local employers and universities to encourage an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers).

This week students were working on designing an Ecohotel and looking at Ecosports. Keen to enthuse much younger scientists, the Science department also welcomed over 80 Year 3-5 children from some of our local primary schools (Crossdale and Keyworth).

Science teachers delivered sessions also linked to the BSW theme of  “Change”.  There were a number of exhilarating demonstrations and hands on activities involving Dry Ice (solid Carbon dioxide), which sublimes turning directly from a solid to gas!

Notts council chairman's engagements this week

The children were amazed at the gases produced when we added it to water.  One student said “it’s like being in a class at Hogwarts”. Other experiments used glow sticks that the children took home with them as well as making large carbon dioxide bubbles.

The Science departments aim was to involve all students at TSWA in some aspect of Science that was not directly part of an exam curriculum. ‘We want to highlight all the exciting opportunities that studying Science can offer.

It has been a busy and exciting week at TSWA and we have loved celebrating British Science Week. Our Science A Level results get better and better each year and encouraging our youngest students is a key part of that. We want our students to see how diverse the subject of Science is and look beyond exams to the amazing job opportunities that are out there once our students have left school’.