Secret Sixthformer: How to succeed as a Sixth Former

The second in a series of writings in association with the South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form called ‘Secret Sixthformer’ –  articles written by students at the school.

‘Being a sixth former is mostly a fantastic experience, but we shouldn’t forget that the main aim is to succeed in A Level exams and the journey to success can be very stressful.

Whether it’s due to realising you have an essay due the next day, mock exams crammed within one week or the reality of years of work being judged in just a few terminal exams, Sixth Form study isn’t just for the faint hearted!

The truth is- there is no one way of succeeding as a Sixth Former but one thing that does draw all our issues together is the long-term and short-term aims.

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I’m sure you’re thinking that aims have nothing to do with the exam process or coping with stress, but after coming to the end of my time at South Wolds, I’ve noticed that what kept me going was the need to meet the short term and long term aims I set myself.

Despite the first idea of an essay being the last of my priorities, I would soon realise that once it’s done, it’s done. Similar to Theresa Mays ‘Brexit is Brexit’ which upset many due to the simplicity from the Prime Minister but look where she’s gotten herself. Now, apply this Government strategy to a Sixth Form study schedule: ‘Once it’s done, it’s done’. A simple statement that can go a long way.

Once you’ve done your essay, it’s done and you can go enjoy yourself. Once you’ve done the nights revision, you can settle down for EastEnders. In the long term, these short-term aims to complete selected work or revision soon add up to a long-term success of ‘getting into University’ or ‘meeting my predicted grades whilst having a social life.’

The truth is that to succeed as a Sixth Former, you need to be realistic. Aim for short-term goals because like anything that takes a long-term process, it’s the small sections that help fulfil our long-term goals.’

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