Sunday 23 June 2024
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Selston: 1,000 properties without power after high voltage fault

There is a power cut at Selston in Nottinghamshire.

National Grid said:

‘We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 8:07am this morning and our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.’

Power is expected to be restored by 11:30 am 21 December

Screenshot 2023 12 21 at 08.49.13

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Post codes affected:

NG16 6BU NG16 6BW NG16 6BX NG16 6DE NG16 6DH NG16 6DJ NG16 6DL NG16 6DN NG16 6DP NG16 6DU NG16 6DZ NG16 6ET NG16 6EU NG16 6EW NG16 6EX NG16 6EZ NG16 6FB NG16 6FD NG16 6FE NG16 6FF NG16 6FT NG16 6FU NG16 6FW NG16 6FX NG16 6FY NG16 6FZ NG16 6GA NG16 6GB NG16 6GD NG16 6GE NG16 6GF NG16 6GX NG16 6JD NG16 6LE NG16 6NS NG16 6NT NG16 6NW NG16 6PN NG16 6RA NG16 6RZ NG16 6WL NG16 8RA

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