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Sensory lighting unveiled at Keyworth Leisure Centre learner pool


Lex Leisure and Rushcliffe Borough Council have unveiled new sensory lighting equipment in the learner pool at Keyworth Leisure Centre to aid those with special needs to explore and engage further with their senses.


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New colour mixing lights and a rotating mirror ball now allows the pool to change colour, making it more interactive and enjoyable for pool goers with a combination of rainbow lights, colour and sounds to provide a warm, calming and safe environment.

Combining the natural feeling of weightlessness provided by a swimming pool with multisensory equipment, it creates an atmosphere that can calm those who are overactive or stimulate the inactive.

This includes assisting those with sensory impairments, processing disorders, developmental disorders such as autism or ADHD, mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression and brain diseases like cerebral palsy and dementia.

Lex Leisure Director Tracy Danks, Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Neighbourhoods Dave Banks, Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Finance and Contracts Cllr Gordon Moore, Keyworth Leisure Centre Manager Hamish MacInnes and Lex Leisure’s Contract Manager for Rushcliffe Luke Colaluca.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Finance and Contracts Cllr Gordon Moore said: “This is a most welcome addition to one of our leisure centres that will make a huge difference to so many local people and their families.

“It’s vital we can give those with these needs support and the design is a credit to all those involved in the project, it’s really inviting and relaxing facility that will aid learning.

“The reaction from users has been exceptionally positive and Lex Leisure and ourselves will continue to listen to feedback from users and their families on where it can be even further improved.”

The pool can also help users with theirmotor skills, increase learning and play, promote their emotional wellbeing and improve their focus and concentration.


It has equally been designed to increase users’ confidence, independence and resilience that can help improve communication, language and social skills.


Lex Leisure Director Tracy Danks said: “We are always keen to work with partners to diversify the facilities available at our leisure centres.


“It is particularly exciting to see how new technologies can help improve customer experiences and increase the range of leisure opportunities available in Keyworth.”


Keyworth Leisure Centre Manager Hamish MacInnes said: “This is an exciting project which sets Keyworth apart from other leisure centres in the local area.

“The pool will provide a warm, calming and safe environment that enables all to explore and engage with their senses and we can’t wait to welcome users and their families to the pool.”

As a local business, pool designers Premier Solutions were delighted to be involved with the project.


Designer Richard Lyon said: “We are proud and excited to have been part of the new sensory pool project installing eight colour-mixing lights over the pool to light up the basin in any colour of the rainbow.


“We have also installed a large, 400mm mirrorball along with pinspot lights that will light it up, filling the room in very slowly rotating spots.


“This installation will be great for sensory sessions, as well as parties, and will be a great addition for the local community.”


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