Sepsis screening tool rolled out in Nottingham Hospitals

A new sepsis e-screening tool is being rolled out across NUH after a successful trial.

Nursing and medical staff on B3 have been using the new Nervecentre based screening tool and been impressed with how it has worked.

The screening tool, which mirrors the Sepsis tool that used to be on the back of EWS charts, automatically reviews observations against national criteria and prompts nursing staff to consider if Sepsis could be a factor and allow them to easily notify a doctor to carry out an assessment in the hour.

It will be rolled out on all adult wards from Tuesday (March 14th) with the Children’s Hospital following at some point after April.

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Dr Mark Simmonds, Consultant in Acute and Critical Care Medicine, who has been leading the trial said this was an important next step in combatting sepsis.

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He said: “Early recognition and quick action are vital when dealing with sepsis and this tool makes both those things happen.

“The feedback from the staff on B3 has been really positive. It’s difficult to quantify the impact this has had as you can’t say whether something the tool has picked up wouldn’t have been spotted anyway, but I think it has certainly helped.”