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Friday, 10 July 2020 - 8:05pm

Serial burglar who preyed on vulnerable victims sentenced to over seven years


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A serial burglar stole sentimental items belonging to a woman’s deceased daughter and left a 91-year-old woman afraid to leave her house alone.

Ryan Worth, of Watson Road, Worksop, has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years after admitting a total of seven burglaries across Nottinghamshire.

The 35-year-old broke into houses and stole cash, jewellery and a handbag during his spree in Worksop between 1-27 July 2019.

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In one of the burglaries, on South Parade on 20 July 2019 Worth stole items that belonged to a Mum’s daughter who passed away seven years ago. He stole a trinket box, as well as a money box and some jewellery.

Mum Linda Woroch said: “These items do not have any money value, but to me they are priceless, absolutely priceless.

“I feel let down that this complete stranger has come into our house, but also that he wouldn’t tell me where items were or made any attempts to get them back to me.

“I hope the man realises the impact of his crimes has had on his victims.”

In another burglary, in Stubbing Lane on 26 July 2019 Worth broke into a 91-year-old woman’s house in Worksop by smashing his way through the back patio door whilst she was in. Nothing was taken but her family said she had been left hugely affected by the ordeal.

The woman’s family said in a victim impact statement: “We have seen a dramatic change in our mum’s emotional and mental health. She has always been a strong, independent woman, leading a fulfilled life with social events.

“Since the burglary this is no longer the case. It’s been very distressing for us as a family. Since the incident, she hasn’t been out on her own. It’s had a massive impact on her day to day life.

“To see her now compared to last year breaks our hearts, to see her suffer in this way. Following the sentence, we can now hopefully pull through as a family as it has given our mum some closure and now she can rebuild her life.”

Worth was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday (20 February 2020). He was given credit for his early guilty plea.

Police Investigating Officer Nikki Wiley who led on the investigation said: “I am delighted with this result.

“Worth preyed on some of the most vulnerable people in the community and his crimes will have had a serious effect on his victims.

“The victims have had their homes violated and lost some treasured possessions.

“He stole items from a family whose daughter who had passed away, the items were of no value, but the sentimental value is huge.

“The sentence handed out reflects the callous nature of his crime and will act as a warning and a deterrent to thieves who seek to prey on the vulnerable in our society.”

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