Monday 26 February 2024
4 C

Severn Trent appeals for users to save water after heatwave

Severn Trent issued this appeal for users to try to save water after the recent spell of hot weather.


The notice reads:

‘Due to the extreme weather conditions we are seeing a day-on-day increase in demand for treated water especially when people start to spend more time outside using the pool, watering the lawn or using jet washers.

‘So we’re asking customers to use water wisely and reduce non-essential usage where possible, by making some simple changes.

How you can help

-If you do use a paddling pool try to cover it so you can use it again the next day, and when used use the water to water your garden;

-Don’t worry about watering the lawn, they’re great survivors and it’ll bounce back when it rains;

-Have a quick shower rather than a bath to cool down;

-Avoid washing the car, but if you need to, try and use a bucket and sponge rather than a hose;

-Look for leaking loos and dripping taps and get them fixed;

-Simply hang up the hose, jetwasher or sprinkler for the rest of the week as these high volume devices can use up lots of water in a short space of time;

-Turn off taps when not in use.

-Together we can make a difference and keep the taps running for everyone this Summer.