Sharphill: Green light for 600 more homes, primary school and play park

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s planning committee has granted outline planning permission to John A. Wells and Bovis Homes to continue development in Edwalton. The decision is dated September 18th, 2017.

The development of the Site for up to 600 new dwellings, construction of a primary school and the creation of a community park, together with associated access, drainage, landscaping and other infrastructure works | OS Field 7525 Land At Sharp Hill Wood Melton Road Edwalton Nottinghamshire

The plans have been much discussed by local residents in recent months, the application carries 514 public comments, 510 objections, 4 in support of the plans.
Objections are mostly concerned with traffic, drainage and safety, the one below is indicative;
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‘Since the installation of cycle lanes on Melton Road (used in a 1 hour monitored period from 8am to 9am by 5 cycles towards WB and none away from WB), the filter lane for turning from Melton Road in to Ludlow Hill Road, and from Melton Road on to Stamford Road, has gone.

‘As a result, this is already a pinch point for traffic congestion at busy times, and will only increase when the Sharp Hill Wood Development is completed. Congestion is one issue, the road safety issues it creates is the main concern, as the congestion causes motorists to take risks in crossing the flow of traffic already, and this will increase. There needs to be a filter lane for turning traffic where the road width demands it, such as at this point.

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‘Heavy rainfall already causes rivers of run off water down Melton Road which settles in roads such as Carnarvon Road or Tavistock Road. What measures will be introduced to stop any excess water from Sharp Hill Wood Development from exacerbating this issue?

‘There are so many assumptions in this proposal, and as always with such things, there is no Plan B should those assumptions prove incorrect.

A Bovis development nearby – Sharphill Wood is in the background


‘Specifically, unless there is a concrete plan to limit private vehicle usage of the Musters Rd/Boundary Rd junction, then once it is built, and we find usage is substantial, then it’s too late. There should be a plan visible, for comment, on how traffic movement assumptions are made, how those movements will be monitored, and what the plan is to restrict movements if the ‘actual’ is far greater than the assumption.

‘In my mind, as a lay person in such traffic strategies, it is blindingly obvious that motorists will follow the path of least resistance. The A52 at peak times, and now even non peak times, is a nightmare traffic jam in the mornings from Wheatcroft Island to the Nottingham Knight, and traffic travelling from Tollerton also experience considerable delays.

‘No one in their right mind will attempt to join that queue from the A52/A606 junction and roundabout; therefore Sharphill and Edwalton Park residents will use Melton Road through WB as the most likely alternative, bringing yet more chaos and congestion to this stretch of road; and because of that, if this proposed secondary junction at Musters/Boundary is opened up, there is little doubt that rather than use the A606 to Wheatcrofts and on to the A52, or the A606 through Edwalton that drivers will use Musters Road.

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‘At the very least this would HAVE to be a traffic light junction, but even if that safety adjustment is made to current reality, the traffic will travel down Musters Road, joining the A606 at the junction with Melton Rd. Musters is already busy, is already prone to speeding due if nothing else from the steep descent, has considerable school traffic, a lollipop person crossing, primary school children aplenty, and at the junction of Eton Road has considerable secondary school children crossing to get to WB school. THEIR SAFETY WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE COMPROMISED.

‘Add to this the considerable impact of additional vehicle emissions pollution in the area, noise pollution too, plus inconvenience to residents unable to access Musters Rd from side roads already busy, and you have a recipe for disaster.

‘At the moment, with any significant rainfall, Melton Road has considerable running water, and roads like Carnarvon are frequently flooded when there is a torrential downpour. Can we be certain that adequate drainage at the total Sharphill development won’t exacerbate this, and indeed won’t create new run off rivers down Musters and Selby Roads?

‘This is an ill thought through scheme from start to finish, and this proposal is the worst of a bad lot.’