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Should these West Bridgford residents’ parking orders go ahead?


Nottinghamshire County Council will discuss objections to a residents’ parking scheme proposed for Epperstone Road and George Road in West Bridgford. 

The homes on theses roads are late Victorian and early Edwardian properties with little or no off-street parking, or residential flats with off-street parking. The community facilities include the church on Patrick Road, which is used by multiple organisations throughout the week.

Also, on the junction of Musters Road and George Road there are multiple medical facilities including the West Bridgford Medical Centre, West Bridgford Health Centre, St Georges Medical Practice, NHS Mental Health Team and a pharmacy – for the purpose of this report these are referred to collectively as the West Bridgford Health Complex (WBHC).

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Nottinghamshire County Council has received requests over a number of years for a residents’ parking scheme on these streets. A parking survey was carried out which confirmed the presence of non-resident parking in the area. As a result, it was proposed to consult with residents on their support for a residents’ parking scheme.

In June 2017, an initial questionnaire was sent to all 173 properties within the boundary of the proposed scheme. A total of 67 (38.73%) responses were returned, with 56 (83.58%) of those in favour of a scheme. The results exceed the criteria of 35% response rate with 65% of respondents in support that the County Council uses to progress the development of a scheme.

As a result, it is proposed to introduce a residents’ parking scheme, on Epperstone Road and George Road. The scheme will also include 2-hour limited waiting bays on Patrick Road, the restrictions will operate on all days from 10am to 8pm.

A total of 21 responses were received to the consultation including 4 from respondents either supportive and / or commenting on the scheme. Seventeen responses, including a petition of 122 signatures from West Bridgford Medical Practice, objected to the proposals.

Responses to the consultation were discussed with the client and local County Councillor resulting in amendments to the scheme proposed to address some of the concerns raised. Changes incorporated consisted of:

  •   Parking for permit holders only on Epperstone Road and part of George Road operating all days from 10am to 8pm;
  •   2-hour limited waiting parking bays in operation Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm on Patrick Road, part of George Road and on Musters Road outside the West Bridgford Health Complex.


Objection – West Bridgford Methodist Church and associated organisations

Twenty objections were received from respondents relating to proposals in the vicinity of West Bridgford Methodist Church, which included a petition of over 300 signatures. The respondents stated that the residents’ parking scheme would limit available on-street parking in the area and negatively impact on the operation of their organisation and the many community based groups which used the church premises. These groups include AA, friendship groups, “dementia cafes”, exercise groups, children’s groups and Blood Donor sessions stating that the church operates 7 days a week, throughout the day and evening and is used by around 2,000 people a week.

They consider that the revised operational times of the limited waiting bays on Patrick Road were less beneficial to their organisation and that the proposals did not offer sufficient limited- waiting on-street parking for their needs. Furthermore, respondents state the proposals have been revised to provide limited-waiting parking provision on George Road and Musters Road to benefit users of the WBMC and that additional changes to the scheme should be made to increase on-street parking for users of the Methodist Church and for visitors to Epperstone Court. Suggests made by those responding include:

  •   Extend the hours of operation of the limited waiting bays on Patrick Road to 8am -10 pm including Sunday;
  •   Allocate a section of Epperstone Road next to Epperstone court as 2hr limited waiting bays;
  • Introduce additional 2-hour limited waiting bays on Musters Road, outside the Methodist Church and numbers 55 – 57.


Response – West Bridgford Methodist Church and associated organisations

There are many competing demands for free, convenient on-street parking in this area and when dealing with a finite resource it is not possible to meet all these demands for parking. The original scheme proposals included limited waiting bays on Patrick Road, however this facility was not originally planned for George Road, near the Medical Practice. The disparity of this provision was identified through the first consultation and the limited waiting provision proposed for George Road and Musters Road was included to provide a comparable level of on-street limited waiting at each end of the scheme.

The scheme was proposed to reduce the effect of non-resident parking on residents of the area; particularly commuter and sport-related parking. On Sundays the demand for commuter parking is significantly reduced and so there is a higher availability of on-street parking. Residents on Patrick Road and surrounding streets also want to use on-street parking on Patrick Road. If the operational times of the limited waiting bays were extended to 10pm as requested it would reduce parking availability for residents of the area. Residents returning home for the evening would be unable to park overnight in the bays until 8pm or for a period more than 2-hours on a Sunday. The operational periods of the bays are designed to ensure that there is short-term parking available at times where demand for long-term commuter parking means it might be otherwise unavailable. An exemption will be included in the Order to allow the Blood Mobile Unit to park in excess of the 2-hour limit.

The scheme for Epperstone Road, George Road and Patrick Road has been developed as an area-wide scheme. Therefore, permits have been offered to businesses and residents on the entirety of both George Road and Patrick Road, even though these roads are partially or fully outside the permit-holder only parking area. It is important to ensure that the volume of on-street parking on Epperstone Road and part of George Road reflects anticipated levels of demand.

As such it is not considered appropriate to further reduce the on-street spaces available to permit holders by allocating part of Epperstone Road as limited waiting. Visitors, including carers, visiting residents of Epperstone Court have alternative options available including the 2hr limited waiting bays on George Road and Patrick Road, the client or residents could purchase a visitor’s permit for the scheme or they could arrange to park in Epperstone Court’s private car park.

The introduction of limited waiting bays on Musters Road is not considered appropriate at this time. The provision of limited waiting on Musters Road near the health centre was proposed because only part of George Road could be allocated as limited waiting parking.



As all of Patrick Road has been allocated as limited waiting in the proposals it is not considered appropriate to remove additional, unrestricted parking on an adjacent road.

A further option involves the removal of Patrick Road from the proposals entirely and this was discussed with Church representatives. This would leave Patrick Road as unrestricted parking and remove the church’s eligibility for permits to park within the controlled zone. After consideration the Church confirmed that that their preference was for the revised scheme over this option; though maintained their request for the additional limited waiting parking and extended times of operation.

Objections – Staff at West Bridgford Health Centre
Two objections to the proposals were received from staff at the West Bridgford Health Centre. These acknowledged that the scheme would assist visitors and patients but objected on the grounds that it would reduce available on-street parking for staff resulting in parking migrating elsewhere. A respondent also commented that staff should be offered permits for the scheme.

A comment was also received from West Bridgford Medical Centre Patients Participation Group requesting that the 2-hour limited waiting proposal on George Road and Musters Road be reduced to one hour. They stated that the majority of trips to the clinic, medical centres and local pharmacy will be for less than one hour.


Response – Staff at West Bridgford Health Centre
The scheme is being introduced to reduce the volume of commuter parking in the area, which is adversely affecting residents. The businesses within the WBHC will be eligible for a limited number of parking permits for use within the scheme extents. These permits will not be allocated to a specific vehicle so can be used by any member of staff or visitors to the business. As it is primarily a residents’ parking scheme the number of permits for businesses is strictly limited and it is acknowledged that they will be insufficient for all staff employed on the site. The take-up and allocation of these permits will be for the businesses to determine.

There is a finite supply of free on-street parking and the scheme is designed to manage this availability in favour of short-term parking and residents. Unrestricted on-street parking is available on the wider highway network and fee-charging car parks are available in West Bridgford town centre.

The 2-hour limited waiting period has been chosen to reflect the needs of all visitors to the area, not just to the health centre. However, specifically in relation to the health centre, it is designed to accommodate multiple destination visits; such as a doctor’s appointment followed by a visit to the pharmacy. The 2-hour period is a limit and where a visitor does not require parking for that length of time they will leave before this period and the parking space will be available for another user.

Objection – Patrick Road should be residents parking only
Two objections to the scheme were received from residents of Patrick Road. One respondent objected on the basis that the scheme proposal provided insufficient parking for residents; they requested that Patrick Road should be made residents’ parking only rather than 2-hour limited waiting.

A second respondent also objected on the grounds that residents would not be exempt from the 2-hour limited waiting. The resident stated that this would prevent their family members and occasional visitors such as tradespeople from parking for longer periods during the day outside their property. They considered that it was unfair that Patrick Road would not be designated as residents parking and that they would be required to park in an adjacent street. They also stated that it was unnecessary for the restrictions to include Saturday. The

The respondent also expressed concern that it would negatively affect the local community by depriving the area of the cricket and football traffic.

Response – Patrick Road should be residents parking only
There are competing demands for on-street parking in this area, including significant levels of demand for short-term parking. All the residential properties on Patrick Road have access to private off-street parking. The operational times of the limited waiting parking bays are linked to the days and periods when most non-residential, commuter parking occurs. Unrestricted parking is available in the evenings after 6pm and on Sundays.

The County Council has no duty to provide on-street parking and there is no legal right for a householder to park in close proximity to their property. The residents and their visitors can park for two hours during the day on Patrick Road, Monday to Saturday. If they require a longer period of parking during this period they are eligible to purchase permits to park in the controlled zone on the adjacent Epperstone Road, which is approximately 25m away.

Objections – loss of on-street parking for non-permit holders
Two objections were received on the grounds that the proposals would reduce on-street parking in the area for non-permit holders. One respondent stated that they parked in the area after dropping their child at a nursery on Musters Road and travelled onto work by bus. Another respondent objected to the proposal saying that it would prevent them from easily dropping off or picking up from the nursery and that the number of proposed 2-hour limited waiting bays were insufficient. They stated that a drop-off area for the nursery should be provided on Musters Road.

Response– loss of on-street parking for non-permit holders
The nursery is located on a section of Musters Road between Patrick Road and George Road. The proposals will not alter the existing parking on this stretch of road, which is currently unrestricted. Whilst the demand for on-street parking is recognised the County Council does not have a duty to provide free on-street parking for any highway user. The scheme is being introduced to mitigate the effect of long-term commuter parking on residents in the George Road, Patrick Road and Epperstone Road area.

Objections – Loss of on-street parking on Musters Road
Two objections were received, which included a 35-signature petition objecting to the proposals on the ground of loss of on-street parking. The respondent and petitioners object to the loss of on-street parking on Musters Road and consider the proposals would result in parking migration and were dangerous for children crossing the road at the corner of Musters Road and George Road. They stated that the staff and visitors to the Health Centre should use sustainable transport modes. The respondent also requested a residents’ parking scheme be introduced on Musters Road.

Response – Loss of on-street parking on Musters Road
The proposed limited waiting parking bays on Musters Road are 40m long, which will accommodate around 7 vehicles. The 2-hour restriction on these spaces is in operation Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm only; the bays are available for unrestricted parking overnight and on Sundays when residential demand for parking is highest. It is not anticipated that highway safety will be affected by the time restricted parking; the kerb-space is generally already at capacity with vehicle parking so there will be no material change. The section of Musters Road between Patrick Road and George Road will not be altered by the proposals and will remain unrestricted. The area to the south of the medical practice will likewise remain unaltered by the proposals.

All the properties on Musters Road, in the vicinity of the bays, have access to off-street parking; which means the road does not meet the Nottinghamshire County Council criteria for the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme.

Other options considered relate to the configuration and the operational times of the proposed limited waiting bays and residents’ parking area. The scheme has undergone extensive consultation, including two rounds of statutory consultation to determine the best balance of measures to meet the complex needs of the area with amendments being made based on comments received.

Meeting is at County Hall West Bridgford on April 19th 2018.