Shower instead of a bath this Rubber Duckie Day says Severn Trent

It might be international Rubber Duckie Day today (13 January) but Severn Trent is challenging its customers to leave their bath-time toys to one side and take a shower instead to help save water!

Millions of rubber duckies live in bathrooms around the world but many people don’t realise that the average shower uses half the water of a bath and even less than that if it’s only on for four minutes.

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Doug Clarke, Severn Trent’s water efficiency manager, explained: “There’s lots of reasons to consider taking a shower rather than having a bath – not only does it use less water but over the course of a year it will help save money on your water bill.

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“Around a quarter of the average British home’s energy bill is spent heating water, so you’ll still save even if you’re not on a water meter.

“But watch out if you use a power shower – they can use more water than the average bath if left running for too long.”

Severn Trent offers free water saving showerheads, shower regulators and four-minute shower timers to help encourage people to save as much as they can.

Doug continues: “We can all do a little bit extra to be more efficient with the water that we use for everyday tasks.

“By taking a super-quick shower instead of a bath you’ll help save water and also help to keep electric and gas bills down.

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“Unfortunately that’s bad news for our rubber duckies who will have to sit and watch from the sidelines!”


For lots of advice about how to save water and to order your water saving shower items