Wednesday 28 February 2024
11.4 C

Signal cable theft causes delays on Nottingham – Mansfield trains

There has been a theft of signalling cables at Radford Junction.

This is between Nottingham and Mansfield and is disrupting trains on the Nottingham / Mansfield / Worksop route.

EMR said:

‘Network Rail staff are on site and have identified which cables need replacing. The replacement cables are en-route to site. Once they arrive, they will take approximately two hours to be installed.

How does this affect my train?

‘Trains running through the area in both directions between Nottingham and Mansfield will need to be diverted and will not be able to call at Bulwell, Hucknall and Newstead. There may also be some alterations to services.

‘At present we are expecting the problem to be fixed by around 11:00. As soon as the problem is fixed our priority will be to get trains running to their advertised times again. We expect our advertised timetable to resume on the affected routes by 12:00.’