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Signature Steakhouse: Premises repossessed by landlord


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A note on the premises details the action taken today ( 5th September )

The note, dated Wed 5th September states that the landlord, Melton Road Properties Ltd have repossessed Unit 1A Melton Road following forfeiture of the lease by peaceable re-entry.*

The note goes on to say that the locks on the premises have been changed, and that any attempt to enter without permission of the landlord or its agent is prohibited.

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We’ve tried to get in touch with the business to find out anything about its future but have  not yet been successful.

Signature Steakhouse has been open in West Bridgford for some years and also operated as a fashion boutique, using the tagline, ‘where food and fashion meet’

It offered a range of food from breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas and of course, steaks.

It had 3 and a half stars from 381 Tripadvisor reviews


*Peaceable Re-entry

This means to physically re-enter the demised premises so that the landlord obtains possession of the property by physical excluding the tenant from the premises and securing it. This is often seen as the most favorable option by landlords for obvious reasons. It is a much faster way to terminate a lease than through court proceedings; it has minimum expenses; it avoids the often unpredictability of the court, and it shifts the responsibility to the lessee to apply for relief. The most common way of effecting forfeiture by peaceable re-entry is by simply changing the locks and taking control of the property.

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