Friday 23 February 2024
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Smoke hood saves Nottingham woman’s life after she’s trapped inside burning house

A smoke hood was used to save a woman who was trapped inside a house fire.

Firefighters from White Watch at Stockhill Fire Station were called to a house fire on Player Street in Radford at 21:58 on 24 June.

When crews arrived, they saw one casualty stranded on the roof of the house and another who was trapped in the first-floor bathroom, with smoke rising.

A 9m ladder was used to rescue the casualty on the roof while two firefighters entered the building with breathing apparatus (BA) to rescue the woman trapped inside.

While Firefighter Ricky Pembleton extinguished the blaze, Firefighter Sam Parish reached the bathroom where a woman was trapped. Firefighter Parish then put the smoke hood over the casualty’s head before rescuing her from the burning building.

Both women, aged 35 and 57, were rescued without injury.

The smoke hood, which allows trapped people to breathe for 15 minutes, can be worn over a casualty’s head while firefighters lead them to safety through a smoke-filled environment.

Smoke hoods have been purchased as part of a £100,750 grant from Government following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Watch Manager Daniel Palmer of Stockhill Fire Station said: “This was the first operational use of the smoke hoods by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue since they were introduced to us in May 2021.

“Smoke hoods are life-saving pieces of equipment and will no doubt save countless more lives of people trapped by fire in Nottinghamshire and around the country.”

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has also purchased other pieces of equipment and are training all staff in evacuating residents of tall buildings. Safety advice has been given to all tall building owners and residents, and all firefighters are being given the skills to ensure we can best protect the communities of Nottinghamshire.