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Monday, September 16, 2019

St Giles Preschool ‘saddened and shocked’ that Lutterell Hall could be marketed for redevelopment


St Giles Preschool are extremely disappointed to hear the news of Lutterell Hall being potentially marketed for redevelopment.

A spokesperson for the organisation told us:

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‘Rushcliffe Borough Council didn’t contact us prior to publication at all, and we are saddened and shocked to hear of this through West Bridgford Wire.

‘St Giles Preschool has been a key educational facility within the local community for almost 50 years, with highly qualified and dedicated staff.

‘Two years ago, St Giles was under the threat of closure and following outstanding community support, the preschool was saved and is now thriving; there is now a waiting list for children to join.

‘Over the years the council has gradually made Lutterell Hall increasingly unaffordable for the local community, with many now choosing cheaper alternatives.

‘If the council were to reduce the hourly rental rate, we feel confident they would see community use increase.

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‘As a preschool we have been made aware that Rushcliffe Borough Council have been approached by other community groups who would like to utilise the building on a regular basis, to form a ‘community hub’; this to us, seems to be an ideal solution for the building and to secure its future for the local community.

‘St Giles Preschool is unique in that it provides affordable, high quality and educational childcare (rated good by Ofsted), in the heart of the West Bridgford Community, and it would be devastating to so many of our youngest residents, their parents and carers, should we be forced to close.

‘Not only are we saddened at this news for the Preschool, but we are also very disappointed that such a beautiful historic landmark building that was built for the community could be demolished.

‘We have today ( 5th June ) been notified that the cabinet meeting to decide the future of the hall on Tuesday 11th June is an open meeting, however not one where we are able to speak and express our views.

‘We have been notified that in order to have been able to represent our views we would have had to do this by 30th May, however bearing in mind the council did not have to courtesy to contact us and notify us of this meeting until 5th June we feel the council do not actually want to hear our views.

‘Rest assured the trustees and staff of St Giles are representing the preschool’s best interest with the local council and the wider community, and have overwhelming support from current and past parents of St Giles Preschool who are committed to keeping the preschool open.’

St Giles’ urges those concerned to write to their local ward councillor prior to next week’s meeting.

Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council Cllr Simon Robinson said: “We are reassuring the local pre-school group and organisations who use the hall that we are only at the initial stages of reviewing the site.

“I am set to meet the pre-school group next week to listen to their views, who appear to be misinformed about the process so far.

“We want to hear the views of all users of the site and make sure this feeds into future options before making any further decisions. If the site is marketed, a further report and discussions of all options will be made at a future meeting of the Cabinet.”


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