Saturday 24 February 2024
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There’s still time to sign the petition to protect Wilford Field

Compton Acres local Councillor Gordon Wheeler will be presenting the petition, written by local resident Daniel Atherton, addressed to Rushcliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council calling for them to protect Wilford Field and declare it a Nature Reserve.


The petition has now hit over 2,600 signatures.


Local community members are invited to sign before it is too late.

Wilford Field

The petition has even gained recognition and support from Ruth Edwards MP, who has written to the County Council in support of the petition.


A new ‘Friends of Wilford Field’ Facebook group has been established to for community members to see updates, help guide the future and share their stories and photos of Wilford Field:

Commenting on the immense display of community support for the nature reserve declaration, Daniel Atherton said:

‘The South of Nottingham is transforming before our eyes. But with positive development must come positive protection of our communal spaces for humans and for wildlife.

‘This isn’t a new idea – throughout our local history, we’ve portioned off land from development to ensure we don’t end up with a complete urban sprawl.

‘Victoria Embankment, the Forest Rec, the Arboretum, even Wollaton Park: all of these were spaces protected for future generations whilst the city expanded around them.

‘At one point, all of these areas were open land with little development – the Meadows and Wollaton especially, up until the turn of the 20th century, had been open spaces where protecting specific fields seemed absurd and unnecessary.

‘Now we’re here, 100 years later, and we’re grateful for those who made the right choices and campaigned to protect these areas so long ago.’


It is understandable, if not inevitable, that Nottingham will continue to expand. Hopefully, in 100 years we’ll look back and be glad we protected these pockets of land. Hopefully our environment will be grateful and our children, likely, none the wiser.’