Wednesday 28 February 2024
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Stolen motorbike recovered after 35 mph chase on Nottingham pavements

A stolen motorbike was ridden on pavements at a rate of up to 35 miles per hour during a high speed chase before colliding into the pursuing police car.

Armed response officers on routine patrol spotted the 125cc bike as they drove along Valley Road, near Nottingham City Hospital, at around 11am yesterday (Saturday) morning.

It had been reported stolen from an address elsewhere in the city on 11 July and had earlier been picked up on an automatic number plate recognition camera.

The officers followed the bike onto hospital grounds and back out again towards Oxclose Lane, at which point the rider attempted to flee.

The pursuit continued back along Oxclose Lane where the bike was dangerously ridden along the pavement.

As the pursuit continued towards the A60, the bike passed straight through a junction, narrowly avoiding a collision with two other cars and was again ridden along a pavement as it entered a retail park in Arnold.

The pursuing officers then moved to block the bike which had u-turned before it collided at low speed with their vehicle.

A 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft; dangerous driving; failing to stop for police; driving without insurance; driving otherwise in accordance with a licence; and possession of cannabis.

He was later released under investigation.

Nobody was hurt and only minor damage was sustained to the police car.

Superintendent Claire Rukas, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was an appalling display of driving that placed members of the public, the rider and our officers at significant risk of injury.

“We will never tolerate this kind of behaviour and I would like to pay tribute to the skill and professionalism of the officers involved for bringing this pursuit to a safe conclusion.

“I hope this incident serves as a warning to others – that if you are on the road and fail to stop for police we will not simply let you go; we will pursue you, we will catch up with you and you will answer for your actions.”

The registered keeper of the bike has now been contacted.