Monday 24 January 2022
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Student housing entrepreneurs open Nottingham office

Having built a business that manages a £42.5 million property portfolio and is Lincoln’s largest provider of high-quality student accommodation, entrepreneurs Harry Conti (25) and Marcus Askam-Yates (28), have now set their sights on Nottingham with the opening of a new office in the city.


Disappointed with the standard of accommodation they could find to rent; the business partners left university halfway through their degrees to set up Student Housing in Lincoln in 2015.


The business model, which only markets student accommodation that meets the duo’s exacting standards in terms of decor, fixtures and fittings, has proved appealing to students, landlords and investors.


Student Housing currently provides accommodation to over 1,000 University of Lincoln students and manages over 300 properties in the city, working with both private and institutional landlords and investors.


Having looked at student accommodation in Nottingham, Harry and Marcus believe their approach will be successful in the city. “Marcus and I were at university just a few years ago and can vividly remember the shocking standard of some of the houses and flats we looked at. It was at that point we decided we could do something different and better than what was currently on offer.


“Students shouldn’t accept sub-standard accommodation or sub-standard service. They want to live in the best properties they can find. They don’t want to pay bills on top of their rent. They want them included as standard. They want contemporary decor, high-quality fixtures and fittings and the fastest broadband speeds. They also want perks, like a discount card that can be used at shops and bars, and they want access to exclusive events. So that’s what we offer in Lincoln and are about to introduce to Nottingham.


“Not only has this approach seen over 1,000 students choose us each year, but it’s also appealed to landlords as students are willing to pay more to live in premium accommodation. We look after both tenants and landlords, taking care of everything they need. It’s a win-win approach, and we know that no other lettings agent and property management company in Nottingham is doing things the way we do!”


Harry and Marcus are so confident that their approach to working with students, landlords and investors will be successful in Nottingham, that they’ve taken a ten-year lease on their new Ilkeston Road office and have invested £35,000 in transforming the former pizza shop into a vibrant, quirky space complete with a grass wall!


The office, which opened this week, has already let three properties, all of which are owned by Lincoln-based investors. “Quite a few of our Lincoln clients own properties in Nottingham, and we’ll be adding to our portfolio over the next few months. We’re keen to help Nottingham landlords and investors, who are looking to improve the yields they receive from their properties. We’ve done our research, and we know that our approach will be unique in Nottingham and will shake things up!”


Harry and Marcus are keen to hear from Nottingham landlords who would like to know more about how Student Housing Nottingham will offer a different approach to managing and marketing student accommodation.