Saturday 18 September 2021
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Superfi to return to Nottingham high street a year after closing

The store, originally located on Market Street in the city centre, was forced to close in February 2019.

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A well-known brand for music enthusiasts across the city is set to return, after local audio-visual group In Phase International announced plans to bring the brand back to the high street with a focus on ‘’Smart Homes’’ technology.

The store, originally located on Market Street in the city centre, was forced to close in February 2019.

Now it will return on Alfreton Road, next door to Nottingham Hi-Fi, after undergoing a £250,000 refurbishment, which includes its own cinema in a state of the art showroom, the only one of its kind in the city.

Nottingham Hi-Fi reopened in June 2019 following its own major refurbishment of over £250,000 from In Phase International.

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Now, Superfi is back, with an expanded range of core audio-visual products, a new offering which will include white goods and high-end domestic appliances, specifically smart home technology.

Gary Digva, Sales Director at In Phase International said;

‘When we brought back Nottingham Hi-Fi I said that it was an icon in this city and that goes for Superfi too. We’ve taken what was working well with Superfi in terms of its product offering, expanded the range and added new options for customers seeking a local high-street supplier for a wider range of electrical goods.

‘We will have a particular focus on providing a range of solutions for customers seeking to incorporate smart devices into their homes and are already in talks with major property developers about this.

‘The high street has huge challenges right now with rising rents, not to mention rates and the stake that the online marketplace has claimed, so we had to find premises that would work for us and the offering.

‘The city centre just was not feasible but we know Alfreton Road well, where Nottingham Hi-Fi has enjoyed a resurgence. Superfi will once again dovetail with that offering and we are very proud to be bringing back this great name to the high street.

Superfi is expected to open in early summer.