Susan Hart: How much did you put on over Christmas?

So the festivities are over, the Christmas tree has been packed away for another year and you are trying to get through all the chocolate, biscuits and treats that were either bought or received as gifts.

Is it now New Year resolution time; get fit, get slimmer, get active, get alcohol free?! Why do we make these kinds of resolutions in January?  Well, maybe my game of festive bingo may provide some clues!
Have a look at the bingo card below see how many items you consumed over the last few weeks, then count up the calories.

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In true bingo style lets see if you got
The four corners; 870 calories in total
a line across; 950 calories in total
a line down ; 1,120 calories in total
a diagonal line ; 1,170 calories in total
A FULL HOUSE is 4,360 calories in total

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You could consume 3,289 calories from your Christmas day dinner alone.  And maybe after completing the festive bingo card you can see where those calories have come from
If you are one of the many who stepped on the scales this week and quickly stepped off again I can help.  I have many clients who want to see me in January so I can help motivate and support them to shift the pounds, make healthy eating goals or adopt a healthier lifestyle.

You might want to see me for one to one healthy eating advice, how to survive Dry January or join one of my healthy eating cookery classes.  My one to one sessions last 50 minutes and cost £40, but I have a special offer of 3 sessions for £100.  If you need cooking inspiration my classes cost £25 or 6 sessions for £125 (6 for the price of 5). Click on this link for more details about my classes
A  client was kind enough to write these words
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