Susan Hart: Nutrition, meditation and yoga 

It’s cold, it’s damp and it’s February! At this time of year when all we seem to do is work, eat and sleep it’s easy to become sedentary, sluggish and rely on carbs to see us through. But it doesn’t have to be that way; I’ve teamed up with Kim Rossi to deliver a relaxing and restorative workshop called ‘Nourish your body and mind with nutrition and yoga.

The nutrition and yoga workshop takes place in West Bridgford on Friday 24th February from 10.30 – 12.45.

For an introductory price of £30 you will participate in a relaxing and nurturing yoga and meditation session, conducted in a beautiful, clam setting with warm underfloor heating.
I will be on hand to prepare your light 2 course vegan healthy lunch. You can help with the finishing touches, before we all sit down to eat and talk about how to stay healthy over winter.
I will share with you my knowledge and experience and give you some nutrition top tips to keep you on track.

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Contact me on 07946 301 338, or Kim on 07940 311 061 to find out more or to book your place
Kim’s been teaching yoga for ten years now and has been on a personal journey of self-discovery which has enhanced her practice and life.

Originally trained in Vinyasa but she also draws upon her learning and experiences in connecting with the body, imagery and visualisation, Chinese medicine theory, shiatsu, hypnotherapy and NLP.  Her aim is to fill the world with beauty and love and passion for life.

And as you may know through my articles here on the Wire I deliver healthy eating advice to individuals, groups and businesses. By talking informally about how to develop a healthy balanced diet I encourage people to make small but permanent changes to the foods they eat.  Being a chef is a great advantage as it allows me to develop healthy eating recipes for those that need a helping hand.

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