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Susan Hart review: Cheff ‘clean food’ takeaway in West Bridgford


The old Locksmiths shop on Trent Boulevard has recently been transformed in to Cheff, a new takeaway outlet.

But this is a fast food place with a difference it serves healthy ‘clean’ food.

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The owner and inspiration behind the venture is Adam Sinnott..

You may think that Adam has a spelling mistake in the name of his business, but you’d be wrong because Cheff stands for Clean, Healthy, Energising, Fresh Food.

These are bold claims so I went along to buy and try some of his ‘clean’ food. As its early days Cheff is operating a slightly reduced menu that will expand over the coming weeks and months.

There are ‘5 steps’ to obtain your healthy food;

Step 1 (this sounds like a song!) choose your size, I went for the mini box for £5.95.

Step 2 Choose your protein; being vegan I could either have the homemade falafels or tofu. I plumped for tofu.

Step 3 Choose your base (basically your carbs), garlicky new potatoes for me.

Step 4 choose your veg (either hot or cold or both) roasted parsnips with maple syrup, crunchy slaw, roasted veg and spinach were all packed in to the recyclable cardboard mini box.


Step 5 Choose your sauce. I’m not a huge bbq fan so I opted for the homemade blueberry sauce. Secure the lid, take home and scoff!

Which is exactly what I did. And goodness me it was tasty. I loved all the textures and flavours and the ‘mini‘ portion was certainly enough for lunch. If I was eating it in the park or in the car (not ideal but I know many of you do) then you can pick up compostable or recyclable cutlery and napkins.

The fresh colours of all the different veg made me feel very happy and healthy. The lightness and lack of stodge also made me feel energised and the absence of processed ingredients certainly fulfilled the ‘clean’ element. The protein packed tofu had me feeling nice and full

Another time I’d be happy to pop in for a coffee, not only does Cheff serve coffee from 200 degrees, a local supplier but they have a selection of plant based milks to go with them. If you’d rather have a cold drink, the cabinet is full of healthier energy drinks, vitamin rich fruit drinks and water

As well as local coffee Cheff also sells locally made chocolate from Lovely Fodder , who just happen to be next door

So if you’re in the area give the ‘golden arches’ a miss and pop down Trent Boulavard for some healthy fresh fast food. I know I’ll be back

Written by Susan Hart – West Bridgford Nutrition Coach 


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