Susan Hart: Think twice before having a cake with your coffee!

High street coffee shops in Nottinghamshire are selling muffins and cakes with the sugar equivalent of up to six doughnuts.

It’s that time of year when many of us are hitting the High Street in a mad dash to finish (or even start) our Christmas shopping.

And what better way to get through it than stop for a caffeine pick me up.  Its also hard to resist the cakes and biscuits that stare at you as you wait to be served.

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The cafes and restaurants are also keen to get you to buy and their ‘upselling’ skills are highly tuned!
Take for instance Costa’s latest offer. In the first week of December if you bought a Medio or Massimo drink from their Christmas range you could have any cake for just £1!

That could total over 1000 calories or half a woman’s daily calorie intake. But even more worryingly your coffee and cake combo could contain a whopping 114g or 28½ teaspoons of sugar.


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Other coffee chains are also muscling in; at Starbucks order an almond or cinnamon Swedish bun with a tall Latte for only £3.50. The price may seem reasonable but you’ll be consuming over 700 calories and 46gs or 11½ teaspoons of sugar.  Better than Costa to be fair!

Caffe Nero also has a festive range; opt for their regular amaretto hot chocolate (with whipped cream) accompanied by a slice of festive chocolate fudge cake and your calorie tally will climb to just over 1000 calories and a belly busting 107g or nearly 27 teaspoons of sugar.


Do you feel pressured in to buying more than you need?

How to survive the sugar onslaught!

My 3 top tips
Tip #1 – simply consider only having a hot drink.  Always ask for it in a takeaway cup, as it stays hotter and you’re more likely to take your time and feel fuller.  And don’t always be persuaded to ‘go large’!
Tip #2 – If you must have a sweet treat, buy the smallest one that you like.  This might be a biscotti, mince pie, oat or ginger biscuit
Tip #3 – If you really fancy a slice of festive cake, muffin or biscuit then share it with a friend, or wrap the other half in a serviette and take it home for another time or give it to a friend or family member


  1. Many people have commented on Twitter that my blog is all very bah-humbug and I’m ruining the festive spirit. But if you know the true nutritional content of the food and drinks you are consuming, then you are making an informed choice. For some that may not be the case
    It all comes down to one word ‘Moderation’!

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