Swim 400m challenge at Rushciffe Arena this month

Rushcliffe Arena
Rushcliffe Arena

At Rushcliffe Arena the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) is to pilot Swim 400m, which will be launched from 24th April 17.

Swim 400m is an all-inclusive swimming challenge which aims to create a relevant and meaningful distance for swimming. It sets a progressive goal which swimmers can either work towards, or see an improvement week on week – encouraging non-swimmers to get into the water and current swimmers to swim more.

It is open to everyone and easy to take part in. Swimmers can complete their 400m swim (16 lengths of a 25 metre pool) at any time and log their time through the Just Swim app.

The Just Swim app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It has two simple functions of goal setting and swim logging providing swimmers with the ability to track their progress on number of swims, distance covered, calories burned and time. Swim 400m is a pre-set goal.

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Rushcliffe Arena are one of 12 pilot sites working with the ASA to test a range of audiences and styles of delivery. The key learnings from the pilots will help to shape and refine the concept ahead of the national launch in spring next year.So why not come along and have a go at the new pool you can have as many goes as you like to improve your overall time and climb up the leaderboard.

What is your Swim 400m time? We challenge you to take on Swim 400m and see how fast you can do it – double Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington could swim 400m in 4 minutes 3 seconds!

You can complete your 400m swim at any time at Rushcliffe Arena during a general swim session and log your time through the Just Swim app.

The Just Swim app allows you to track your progress so you can see your improvements week on week. You can also add your name to our leader board to see how you fare against your fellow swimmers.

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SWIM your 400m challenge. RECORD your time with the Just Swim app. IMPROVE your time and challenge others. PLUS get a full body workout!
Get the Just Swim app on Google Play or download on the App Store