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Sword disguised as walking stick discovered during Nottingham car stop

A sword disguised as a walking stick was seized from inside a car stopped by police in Nottingham.

Response officers were driving through Lenton when they spotted a car that aroused their suspicions.

After pulling the vehicle over in Lenton Boulevard, police approached the vehicle at 10.40 am on Tuesday (13 February).

They then noticed the smell of cannabis, which prompted them to suspect the car was being driven by someone under the influence.

A roadside drug wipe was duly carried out, which resulted in traces of cannabis being detected.

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The driver – a 24-year-old man – was arrested on suspicion of drug driving as a result, with a search then being carried out of the vehicle.

This would result in a walking stick being found in the centre console, which on closer inspection was found to contain a concealed blade.

The sword-stick was subsequently seized by the police, who then further arrested the suspect for possessing a bladed article in a public place.

PC Dan Bird, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This incident provided a great example of why it is so important that our officers are out and about within the community.

“By being out on the roads, we were able to spot a car that aroused our suspicions and then pull it over so that we could investigate further.

“As a direct result of this stop, we were able to discover a concealed sword stick from inside the vehicle, as well as evidence of potential drug-driving.

“It really should go without saying, but there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to carry a weapon like this in public, or indeed to get behind the wheel while under the influence.

“Both are incredibly dangerous, so we’re pleased to have been able to make these discoveries and arrest a suspect in connection with this incident.”

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