Saturday 1 April 2023
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Teachers vote to take strike action in February and March that affects most schools

The Teachers’ Union has today announced it will be continuing its campaign to fight for decent pay for teachers and confirmed it remains in dispute with the Government.

Teachers and school support staff in the National Education Union ( NEU ) have voted in support of strike action, which will close or partially close the vast majority of schools in England and Wales.

National strikes are scheduled for 1 February, 15 and 16 March. There are several regional dates too.

Strike action will begin with a mass walkout on 1 February, to coincide with the TUC’s national “protect the right to strike” day of action, followed by a series of regional strikes later in the month and into March, the NEU announced.

The union said:

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‘Members of the National Education Union (NEU) have voted to strike, joining nurses, ambulance workers and other working people who are taking a stand over pay and services.

‘We do not want to go on strike – we want to be in the classroom, teaching and supporting our amazing children and young people.

‘But there is a crisis of recruitment and retention within the school system, a decade of falling pay is a key reason for this and this needs to be addressed by the Government.’

The union is striking in pursuit of its claim for a fully funded, above-inflation pay increase after the government announced last summer that most teachers would receive a pay rise of about 5%, while starting salaries would go up by 8.9%.

Action will take place both nationally and regionally on the following days:

1 February: All schools in England and Wales

14 February: All schools in Wales

28 February: North and north-west England, Yorkshire and Humber

1 March: East Midlands, West Midlands, and the NEU’s eastern region

2 March: South-east and south-west England, and London

15 and 16 March: Two-day strike of all schools in England and Wales

Any individual school will only be affected on a maximum of four out of the seven dates according to the Union.

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