Wednesday 17 April 2024
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Team NUH Award Winner creates a wellbeing pod for the DREEAM team

Tamzin Gordon, winner of the MINDFUL Team NUH Award created a new wellbeing pod for the DREEAM Team.

After creating a Covid-19 staff wellbeing survey to listen to how her colleagues were feeling, Tamzin presented the results to her management team to make improvements, from this she gained funding for the wellbeing pod which was opened by Alyson Wynn, Director of Strategy.

The new pod will enable staff to be in a comfortable environment where they can rest, recoup, talk and be supported through their shift.

Tamzin Gordon said: “My inspiration for doing the wellbeing pod was seeing my friends and colleagues overwhelmed and stressed at the beginning and throughout the pandemic and I wanted to create a space for them to take 5 minutes of their day to rest.

Alyson Wynn, Director of Strategy said: “I’m absolutely delighted to see the opening of the DREEAM Wellbeing pod for use by staff to take some time out of their busy schedules and I look forward to seeing it used over the coming months.

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Really well done to Tamzin and the team for identifying what the problem is to help people function better, well done for your tenacity in order to get this done. This is a great example of a member of Team NUH identifying a problem and working up a viable solution.”

Tamzin recently won the MINDFUL Team NUH Award and received glowing nominations from her colleagues who said: “Tamzin deserves this award because she brings light into what has been a dark world for the last year, she makes staff and visitors smile because of her happy personality and is always look of ways to help improve people’s day and mental health regardless to what is happening in her life.”

If you wish to nominate our staff, or volunteers for an award, please click here.

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