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The Bipolar Lift looks ahead to Nottingham Mental Health Weeks

With Nottingham Mental Health Weeks (NMHAW 9th – 21st October, incorporating World Mental Health Day on the 10th October) fast approaching it’s important to remind ourselves why supporting such awareness events are vital. 

This Spotlight Article written by Imran Akram; Founder at The Bipolar Lift CIC shares his insights 

“Coming from a lived experience of bipolar disorder the weeks offer a unique opportunity to illuminate the challenges faced by individuals with bipolar disorder, dismantle stigma, and foster a culture of empathy and understanding.”

The Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks, including World Mental Health Day serves as a crucial cornerstone for organisations like The Bipolar Lift which are dedicated to supporting individuals facing the challenges of bipolar disorder. These annual events, observed worldwide, not only shines a spotlight on mental health but also provides a platform for advocacy, education, and de-stigmatisation. For us, these weeks hold particular significance, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to uplift and empower those affected by bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a complex mental health condition characterised by extreme mood swings, ranging from manic highs to depressive lows. The unpredictability of these mood shifts can be incredibly distressing for individuals and their loved ones. This is where The Bipolar Lift steps in – as a support network that understands the unique struggles faced by those with bipolar disorder. 

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During these weeks, the organisation harnesses the heightened global attention to raise awareness about bipolar disorder, offer resources, and create a safe space for sharing experiences. 

They allow us to challenge stigmas head-on, dispelling myths and fostering open conversations. By shedding light on real stories and experiences The Bipolar Lift can foster a more empathetic and informed society.

Education is another vital aspect that the Awareness Weeks bolsters. Many individuals may not fully comprehend the intricacies of bipolar disorder, its symptoms, or available treatments. Through workshops, webinars, and informational resources The Bipolar Lift can bridge this knowledge gap, ensuring that those affected by the disorder have access to accurate information. This knowledge empowers individuals to seek help, make informed decisions, and advocate for themselves effectively.

As the world comes together to prioritise mental health, The Bipolar Lift stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, providing a lifeline for individuals navigating the often complicated journey of bipolar disorder.

The Bipolar Lift are organising and hosting the NMHAW launch event at The Brewhouse, Nottingham – 1pm-4pm on the 9th October. Further details will be published shortly via or by contacting

As part of our activities for NMHAW With-you are delivering free online taster sessions between the 17th-19th October which are offered nationally to everyone, full details can be found at With-you will also be joining The Bipolar Lift and many other diverse organisations at the launch event.

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