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Edwalton family launch new online pharmacy with a personalised experience

This is simply not another online pharmacy. The Family Chemist offers a personalised experience which focuses on the individual’s concerns and needs.

With a click away you can have your own 1-2-1 consultation with our highly skilled clinician trusting us to put you and your family’s wellbeing our number one priority.

We offer low online prices, greater anonymity for consumers and fast, express, discreet delivery. 


Coronavirus lockdown measures have made it difficult for people to access healthcare services. We at The Family Chemist understand that you may not always have time to make appointments at your GP or wait in long queues at your local pharmacy. 

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Not to worry, we at The Family Chemist are a UK registered online pharmacy that is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council offering treatments for conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Period Delay, Morning After Pill, Anti-Malarial, Migraines, Weight Loss, and many more. 


According to NHS experts, most men occasionally suffer form of ED at some point. It is revealed that erectile disfunction affects more young men than previously thought. 68% of men aged 18-34 reported experiencing erectile dysfunction, compared to 50% of over 65s. The study also revealed that 33% of men were unaware that medication of this type is readily available, and 43% of men were too embarrassed to buy the treatment this way. 

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The great news is, help is available and its easier (and more discreet) to access than ever before. 

The Family Chemist provides a full confidential service online. All you have to do is complete a short medical questionnaire. The independent prescriber will than review and issue a free prescription, if suitable. Your medication will then be packaged discreetly and delivered to your door via royal mail – don’t worry there is a free delivery option too.  

Men suffering with ED have to remember healthy lifestyle changes is also key; we also offer treatments for premature ejaculation, weight loss, and for those who want help with stop smoking.

Most women suffer in silence when it’s their time of month. The pain caused by menstrual cramps is causing women to lose approximately nine days of productivity at work every year, researchers have found. This dull aching feeling in the stomach can disrupt daily life but can easily be managed with our range of period pain treatments. You can also postpone your period, not your plans. So, sit back, relax and let The Family Chemist deliver the treatment straight to your door.

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Nikita Dhain from Edwalton (the founder of The Family Chemist) said: “A few years ago, my husband Sunny came to me with an idea of opening an online digital pharmacy.

“Sunny is a UK fully qualified MRPharmS PGDip Clinical Diploma Independent Prescriber with over 10 years of experience in community pharmacy where he worked as a regional manager, store manager and operations manager for a large firm and represented the entire Nottinghamshire Community Pharmacy workforce within the Local Pharmaceutical Committee.

“He then pursued a further 5 years in Primary Care and the Clinical Commissioning Group where he had developed excelling clinical skills.

“He noticed working in a bricks and mortar Pharmacy meant opening for limited hours, long waiting times and poor accessibility for some of the patients causing them stress.

“However, putting a face to our lovely patients and families was one key advantage which current online pharmacies lacked.

“Our vision was to improve and tackle these difficulties and create an online pharmacy where technology and innovation would enable more convenient access to your medication and your clinician.

“We at the Family Chemist strive to put a face to all our patients and offer video calls as one option of offering advice to maintain the family spirit within our communities.

“I, Nikita Dhain, studied psychology in university and spent over 10 years within the care sector caring for adults with autism and learning disabilities. The service users and my colleagues became my family and we all learnt to look after each other.

“As my own family grew, I wanted to offer my family qualities to my community. I believe this is what the online world lacks and to offer a successful healthcare business it is key to maintain a family essence. This is where the idea of a family led online pharmacy flourished.


A few years on I am now a mother to two beautiful young girls Evanna and Ariella who are both at school and nursery. This is the perfect opportunity for me and my husband to make our dream a reality. My family have supported me and given me the inspiration to bring health care into a new modern era.



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Welcome to The Family Chemist


All sales are subject to discretion and authorisation from our superintendent pharmacist. Orders can only be placed online and be rejected on clinical grounds. Identity checks will be carried out to verify the age and identity of the customer. If the identity cannot be verified we have the right to cancel the order. 

If you are ensure of a treatment or need help and advice please contact us on or call us on 0115 850 1944. 


GPhC Reg: 9011737



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